The Lost Book of Enki: Tablet 10

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The mystery emissary appears to Enki in a dream-vision.
Enki is told to save Mankind through his son Ziusudra.
By subterfuge Enki directs Ziusudra to build a submarine.
A navigator comes aboard, bringing Earth's seeds of life.
Nibiru's approach causes the Whiteland's icesheet to slip.
The resulting tidal wave engulfs the Earth with water.
The remaining Anunnaki bewail the calamity from Earth orbit.
The waters recede; Ziusudra's boat rests on Mount Salvation.
Descending in a Whirlwind, Enlil discovers Enki's duplicity.
Enki convinces Enlil it was destined by the Creator of All.
They use the surviving Landing Platform as a temporary base.
In a Creation Chamber there, crops and cattle are fashioned.
Abundant gold is discovered in the Lands Beyond the Seas.
New space facilities are established in the olden lands.
They include two artificial mounds and a lion-shaped carving.
Ninmah offers a peace plan to resolve erupting rivalries.


Once more I must note that these tablets were written in favor or Enki to make Enlil look bad. At the end of this I will reveal the truth of what actually happened across these first 10 tablets. The tenth tablet is mainly the telling of the story of Noah, known as Ziusudra in the tablets. Enki was approached by the man Galzu in his sleep, leaving tablets for an Ark. To save Ziusudra but doing so without breaking his oath. The plans would be on the tablets and Enki would cleverly leave them with Ziusudra's hut. Ziusudra would take the instructions to build a boat for the coming calamity of Nibiru. Ziusudra would tell the people of what was and unlike Noah's story, they seemed to help! The boat took only 5 days to complete and Ziusudra's family and their husbands and wives would also board the boat as well as some of those who helped build the boat! Ziusudra was also given the seeds of life that were collected to save the animal life. On the seventh day the deluge they awaited. They could see Nibiru approaching as a glowing star until daylight was no more and the moon's light couldn't reach the earth. The Earth would rumble and quake like never before as the ice sheets were ripped up from their spot and dragged across the surface creating a massive tidal wave! The "end" had come. The great deluge!


The Anunnaki left the Earth as the calamity approached. Only water covered the lands of the Anunnaki. They watched and mourned of what they saw below on the Earth. For seven days it would rain with fury and forty more days after. Only the mountaintops would breach this massive flood. Ziusudra would survive with those he took, among Mount Arata they would land. They would give praise to Enki for saving them and sacrifice a lamb to him. It was at this time Enki and Enlil would return to Earth and descend to Arata. Enlil would be overcome with anger as the smell of fire and meat burning, humans survived and he knew it was Enki. He wanted to kill Enki in the tablets, he was absolutely furious, but Enki revealed Galzu's dream to Enlil. Enlil's sons would arrive and hear this story as well, Ninurta came to the conclusion that it was the will of the Creator of All. Ninmah had then sworn by her crystal that the annihilation of mankind will never be repeated. Enlil had then told the survivors to be fruitful and replenish the Earth.

The Anunnaki witnessed all their works gone, besides the olden establishment landing ground. One by one the Anunnaki and Igigi returned. Enlil announced that they must recover. Marduk revealed that Mars was made uninhabitable due to Nibiru's passing. They were slowly able to regrow the soil and rebuild the lands. They were able to restore the living creatures of the Earth with the life essences. The pass from Nibiru had also caused damage to the atmospheric shield, the need for more gold grew again! Although the Abzu was buried, there was new gold found in what is modern day South America. No mining needed as the flood helped mine it all already! With so much gold the atmosphere could quickly be restored. More survivors of the flood were also found, descendants of Ka-In, who would help them gather the gold. It wasn't just them, all over mankind had survived and it had warmed Enlil's heart as he knew it was the will of the creator. Around this time, the Great Pyramids would also be built by the Anunnaki with their tools. The capstone would be made special with their crystals! An amazing landmark for landing and a very important area. Enki had suggested that a monument also is erected so that all may know who created these pyramids. A lion for the age they were in, with the face of Ningishzidda, for all the world to see. The Sphinx! (Is this confirmation that Thoth and Ningishzidda are one and the same?) Marduk was furious as his promises were stripped away for dominion. Lands were planned for everyone to rule over to appease everyone. Marduk would attain a land to rule that he desired. Ninmah would also then be named Ninhursag for her peaceful solution.


So I mentioned that this tale would finally have some truth revealed by it. Well, here it is:

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I had a good laugh the first time I read about Enki speaking to Ziusudra through the reed wall, it was quite humorous, although, I'd say tempers were high when all was discovered on top of Mt Salvation...

That's the problem with writings, they tend to be biased so you can't get the full story.