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RE: The Templars and Hospitallers: backbones of the Latin cause in Palestine?

in #history4 years ago

Oh my God, what an amazing post. This was so interesting to read. I had no idea about these people, who literally gave up everything for the church. And that they were so devoted to the cause! I also love that you've written a religious post that's not religious. That's quite a skill.


lol, thanks - a non-religious religious post is quite the feat when one is dealing with the Middle Ages.

An essay like this barely scratches the surface, but it hopefully highlights at least a small part of our fascinating history. Thank you so much for enjoying it, I really appreciate that. :)

Those Middle Ages people were quite devoted, yes. I can't imagine anyone giving up 'all the things' these days.

I know, right? I'm barely brave enough to take a device away from my teenagers. ;)

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