Living Wine Labels - Animating Your Wine Drinking Experience - Pure Sorcery And a History Lesson!!!

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Living Wine Labels - History on a Bottle

Now this is a bit of a gimmic, but such a cool gimmic that I had to show you all. It's called "Living Wine Labels." When you find a bottle of wine with a "Living Wine Labels" label, by downloading the Living Wine Labels Augmented Reality app and scanning the label, the app brings your label to life on your phone screen, and it's quite entertaining to watch, and to Junior MJ, just a little bit kreepy!


We picked up a bottle by chance, after seeing someong grab a case of it, and load it into his trolley. "He must like this one!" we thought, so had a look to see what it was. The Label sold it to us.. hooked by the novelty of it. It was only 10 bucks, so worth trying the wine to see if it was any good, and getting a bit of entertainment with the label coming to life. This one had a brief history lesson for those who chose to dig a little deeper.

James Keily

"They call me the informer. Well, forgive me for caring more about myself than the cause." - James Keily

This bottle is from 19 Crimes, and is a 2017 Shiraz out of South Eastern Australia. That's about as much info I have from the label, which is more about the convict on the front, James Keily, who was convicted of high treason in connection with the Finian riots England in 1866, and sent to prison "for life." After spending a few years in prisons in England, he was shipped with 72 other inmates to Fremantle Prison, Western Australia. You can see the label come to life in the gif I made, but please excuse the cat fight in the background... naughty critters!!!

James Keily got caught up in a plot to steal 2000 rifles and ammunition from an armory in Clonmel, Ireland, in aid of the local Fanian societies. This was during the great potato famine, and uprisings were on the increase as the military was evicting farmers form their land. Keily found himself sympathizing with the fenians. He made a set of skeleton keys, which he used to open the armory, but before the raid could be completed, a detective found out what was happening and received information from Keily. Keily and several of his accomplices who were arrested, and convicted. Keily was thereafter know as an informant.

After serving many years at Fremantle Prison, he was eventually pardoned by the King in 1905, and moved to a cottage on Mary Street, North Perth.

That was a pretty cool piece of history attached to a wine label. The wine itself wasn't great. Mrs MJ quite liked it, but I didn't particularly enjoy it all that much. I was more interested in the story on the label.

If I had to review it, I'd say it was pretty average, had a slight bitterness around the edges of a sweet, plum and dark fruit palate, with slight vanilla notes to it. It was worth the 10 bucks we paid for it, and the entertainment factor of the label made it just a little more palatable.

Will I look out for more living wine labels? Yeah, for sure!!


Fine a little article on James Keily here.
More about the wines, and 19 crimes here

Team Australia, Team South Africa, and The Alliance banners by @bearone

My Awesome Upboks by @ryivhnn

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Thanks @curie. This is a very pleasant surprise! Your support is very much appreciated :)

That is so friggin awesome.
A great use of AR!


'Tis very clever isn't it? Quite a nice novelty and a good marketing tool too... Now I want to collect more bottles and scan their labels...


I have made a few AR aps.
One was like a photo gallery. One pic on your wall suddenly turns into 20 pictures with videos and such.
The bottle label idea is great. I guess they just need good wine in those bottles.


Doctor- what is the trigger that connects my picture with your database of other images and videos? How do you make the app truly responsive to what its 'looking at'?


I never figured out the data bases. All images were part of the app (because it was small) and were pulled up when the trigger was found.
A trigger can be anything as long as it stays relatively the same. Like the image on the wine label.

Excellent way of sharing history off the wine bottles, ways of sparking conversation @bmj

That's actually a pretty cool gimmick XD and an interesting way to learn history? :D

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I’ve always liked 19 Crimes wines pretty well. They’re never anything super outstanding, but not bad for sipping. And the labels ARE cool, so there’s that.

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Everyone has different tastes they like. Mrs MJ liked it. I like something a bit more bold and eye-watering sometimes, but that's just me. Something was just not quite in balance for my taste buds. I'd definitely get it again though. Magbe air it for a while, or chill it slightly to get a different character from it.

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Very interesting gimmick indeed, but the cat fight sold it to me in the end XD

I have always heard and wanted to know more about the 'criminal colonization' of australia.


Haha, those cats!!! Aways stealing the show!

The convict history of australia is very interesting. I kay look up a few more stories to share...

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Hehehehe! So now you don't just enjoy the taste of the wine, you get entertained as well? That's freaking awesome!!

That's really some history on the wine label. Well, an extra you get added to the entertainment.

"They call me the informer. Well, forgive me for caring more about myself than the cause." - James Keily
Is that what he was saying when the label came to "life"?

More people are definitely gonna start trooping in to get wines with the living label... Its really cool!


It was fun to see the label come to life through the app. It also made me more interested in looking up the while story, and found some interesting history.

Yes, that is what he was saying in the video. Pretty cool!!


It must have been! I will definitely be on the look out for wines with those labels..

Okay that must be something new alien technology :-) 😱

... but it also remindes me a little bit on the harry potter movies, where they have this living newspaper pictures, looks like this crazy cool stuff becomes real :-)

Im excited what will comes next. Great, and that is the point why i am here in steemit. To see everyday fresh awesome stuff 😃

Even i dont drink wine, thats a super cool post ! ;-)

Greetings from germany ✌


I tell you what, when the labels come to life without the aid of an app, like the Harry Potter newspapers, that will be freaky!! It seems we are truly only limited by our own imagination.

Thanks for stopping by for a read 😁

Today i learn a new stuff. The technology is so advance by just downloading the apps, can view the label to life. I can say, this also a good marketing tactic. Many would love to have it. And now you help them advertise it. They sure get a bump in their sales. People definitely will try to get at least one bottle for the animation label. I will be the one if i able to find it in my country although i am not a wine person.

Thank you for such an amazing write up about the wine's history as well.

These are pretty interesting and creepy at the same time! I didn't know that someone would think about making something like this to sell bottles, but props on them because the gimmick is working as intended.        
Nice tidbits about the history stuff too. It's definitely an entertaining wine review to read, not too stuffy ;).        
Congratulations on your first curie vote ^_^.        

Excellent post.

Very interesting, unfortunately here in Venezuela I haven´t seen those wines. I would have also bought one to try it, and good or bad, I would have enjoyed the living label. My oldest daughter, when reading your post, told me that it was the closest thing to Harry Potter and that she also wanted to see it.

Thank you for this post.

I remember the labels of cigarettes here.

Those are actually precaution of the Department of Health about the effects of smoking particularly those commercial cigarettes. Those were just two examples but there are other precautions.
I guess its not quite similar with the wines or alcohol content drinks. The only precaution is to drink moderately or responsibly.

But I like that app! There are other similar apps as well like knowing all the ingredients and history of the product so that people are aware of that certain product.

By the way how's the taste of that wine Brett?


I don't think people would be as inclined to download an app, and animate a set of rotten teeth, or a set of black lungs. It is a good application of AR to put a piece of history, or something relavent to the package which adds value, such as a virtual tour of the winery etc...

The wine was pretty average in ky opinion. Mrs MJ quite liked it, which is exactly what drinking wine is about. We all have different taste preferences, so finding your favourite can take a few bad bottles along the way.


You're right.
Sorry for those images I posted. Its kinda annoying or even harsh to cigarette smokers to see those images.
But the government here is so strict and is trying to push hardly for the good of the people.

Anyways, thanks for taking your time responding to my comments and its my pleasure talking to you.


No need to apologise 😁. I have no problem with the packaging. I think it does have a part to play in stopping people from starting to smoke. Alcohol abuse is also a problem in many societies too. The problem there is it is waaaay too cheap to buy alcohol. Cigarettes are at least quite expensive, but addicts will buy anyway, nd do without other things. It's a no win situation really, unless people take accountability for their own actions, and want to quite.


Yeah you're right.
I guess those old tobaccos of old are much more of a benefit for the health contrary to cigarettes of today because there are no chemical content to those tobaccos smoked by old people.

howdy from Texas bmj! haha! yes I've seen these labels before too, bout the criminal and though it was a very odd choice of labeling but hey I guess it's working because it IS so unusual!
thanks for the review, to me the interesting part is the history in addition so that is cool. Great post and do you plan on doing more wine reviews?
because that sounds like a winner to me!

That's actually a pretty good gimmick, especially if your in or from Australia. A little history lesson with some patriotic pride has worked before in marketing. Then making the label talk to you adds a ton of flair.