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RE: What to expect when a plane hits a building. MiG 21 vs. "Plattenbau", Cottbus, E. Germany, 1975

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We had a joke in Western Germany about the "Plattenbau", which is basically just a few sheets of prefabricated concrete slabs screwed together:

Two engineers stand on either side of the wall between two appartments.

"Can you hear me?" asks the one.

"Yes", the other one replies.

"Can you see me?"


"Well, I guess the wall is thick enough."

This type of building was extremely cheap and lightweight, in short: "socialistic". So I will let no arguments be counted that say "Ha! Even cheap German concrete slab engineering is superior to a century worth of NY architect's experience in steel frame and skyscraper design!"

...or "butbutbut a 767 is much taller and heavier than a MiG!" - of course it is. But there is also the difference between a 5-story concrete slab building and a 110-story tower with hundreds of steel columns.

What I found interesting was the observation of molten aluminum in the staircase, BTW. It made me reconsider the flow from the NE corner of the South Tower. It would be interesting whether it also glowed in such bright tones...

And the irony, of course, is in the two regimes' different reactions to the incident. One covered up the incident altogether and attempted to control the flow of information outside town, the other made a world wide media spectacle out of it, simply destroyed all evidence and made a public cover-up of the "investigation".


Well i have not much to add to this brilliant anecdote which i think sums up the situation we saw on 911 perfectly !! Hitler,s propaganda chief Goebbels,s said that when you make a lie big enough, nobody will dare disbelieve it !! I would love to have seen this posted 10 days ago !! Thank you so much for sharing this incredible story and your brilliant reply. I am happy to see that I am apparently already following your posts here. Steem on to Truth @akareyon.

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