Propr Lee - Steemit / Blockchain Premiere of my new song "Try Hard"

in hiphop •  4 months ago


Thank you guys so much for listening to my new song Try Hard. If you like what you heard and want to stay update on all new music make sure to follow me right here Steemit. Also make sure to follow me on Peertracks, the first blockchain based music streaming platform that pays artist in crypto every time their song is played.
Until next time. Peace & Love

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Sounding good! Nice flow bro! Btw how did you make that video? What software did you use?

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I had someone off of Fiverr do it for me for like 15 bucks. I don’t know what program they used. I can try and find out if u want .


Hmm maybe i need to start using Fiverr:)

Really digging the artwork!


thanks man. i did it on my phone. kinda got the genius lyrics feel.


I’m gonna give the song a closer listen in the morning & will give you my input on that part of the creation then.

Either way, keep it up man!
I’ll give you a follow.


Thanks man. i did it
On my phone. kinda got the
Genius lyrics feel.

                 - proprlee

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Sounds great bro keep up the entertaining work!

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