K.E.N. & Polarbeats,Barz & Beats!

in hiphop •  last year 

Me flowing over three different @polarbeats, enjoy and one love!

Check out Polarbeats website - http://polarbeats.com

His Steemit blog - https://steemit.com/@polarbeats

His Choon profile - https://choon.co/artists/polarbeats/

@polarbeats also posted this on his blog - https://steemit.com/freestyle/@polarbeats/mf-ken-came-in-and-killed-it-on-my-beats-oh-snap

To listen to the audio version of this session here's the link - https://choon.co/tracks/0w5d9yvkfeq/ken--polarbeats

Enjoy and One Love!

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Thanks, my next post i'll put in ur link!