Hillary NOT Running in 2020... Guess Why

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Hillary 2020!.....phhhhhtttttt

Did anyone actually believe she would try to crabwalk her way back in for a third try? How could she when we are all still waiting for the military tribunals and/or live streaming footage of her trying to flee the country. But with the rumours leaking out, the possibility just hangs there like stale old lady perfume--until now.

HRC 2016 Campaign Manager, cooking and art enthusiast, "Skippy" Podesta has told CNN and revealed in the NYP that she is definitely NOT running.

I, for one, am relieved. Not because I don't want to see her lose again, but because she knows that running again is not something that can protect her from what's coming, an idea that has been tossed around the internet. It's such an exciting time I can already hear the chants of #throwawaythekey.


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LOL tribunals you people are fucking retards

Thanks for sharing. Only 7 words and you've provided me with a wealth of information.