The one wheel ride is not always as planned. 📷

in hiking •  25 days ago  (edited)

Riding one wheel in the mountains is awesome, but it is certainly not without its share of wipeouts and falls. I thought this picture taken from holding a 360 camera, captured well the rugged rocks and rough terrain, which doesn't always let you ride though it easily.

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But the falls and wipeouts, are worth it, as you get to ride some incredable ridges with amazing views, like these.


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Ops fallen! Nice nature around!


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Yup, with one wheel in the mountains, you do a LOT of that.

that looks cool, you should make a video of that!

I got some video as well, but I'm so slow to edit video, I don't use it that much. But yes, you are right, the scenery and shots are awesome on video.... Hopefully I can get some done to post as well. Thanks!

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