Skiing in the mountain of northern Norway.

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The weather this easter was not very good. It is new record in few hours with sun in northern Norway in Mars and April. The pictures from this hike was one of the days we had some hours with sun. As you can see the hike started with almost blue sky. Some hours later the clouds come in from the sea and it was overcast again.

Even little sun it was great skiing. I haven't been in this mountain area before so it was fun to ski there.

The trail start down by the frozen lake to the left in the picture above.

Further uphill to a platou and to another lake called "Revvannet".



From the inner part of Revvannet (Fox lake). We crossed the hill in the background of the picture.




It is huge amounts of snow this year. In this area there is up to 2 meters with snow.


Thia cabin is around 180 cm high from the ground and up to the lower part of the roof. Not much of a view from inside. Because of the Covid-19 we did not go inside to rest. We made bonfire, grilled sausages and cooked coffee in the snow.


The clouds start to coming in.

Snowcovered river.


Heading back home.

The boathouse is almost covered with snow.


Another great day out in mixed weather, we even got a little tan.
from the sun 🌞.

Best regards


There is really huge amount of snow, everything is white, you must wear sunglasses the time of hiking or?

My friend, I noticed that you upvote my posts 2-4 minutes after they were published on steemit. What autovoter are you using? After steemauto went away, I am a little lost...

the beautiful scenery is amazing, I am very happy to see the atmosphere of beautiful natural nuances, the way of shooting is very professional.

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