Hike #45: Bells Canyon Trail *HUGE WATERFALL*

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I completed this trail before I started losing weight, Which thinking back. It was incredible my body even made it up. My knee was severely hurting the whole way, and I had only a little bit of sleep.

The trail overall wasn't too bad, but it was mostly uphill due to it being a waterfall trail.

We had just had a few rainstorms which made it super flooded, and it was terrific seeing the rivers like that.

Part of the trail was submerged under water

We were walking in water for the longest time! It was cool. But also our shoes and socks got wet.

We went super early!

Going up early really helped us avoid the crowds. It's a popular trail, WHich can sometimes be a hassle.



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What a beautiful experience. And a waterfall that's Nature's natural shower for you to wash up. Indeed a cleansing moment physically and emotionally and perhaps spiritually. Thanks for sharing @kaylinart

Right? I loved it hehe thank you

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What a wonderful place

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What a gorgeous hike I’m sure even though these pics are great they don’t do justice to seeing it in real life

Glad you got out and got some fresh air

I imagine myself climbing that much. I will easily get tired and this will be a lot stressful

Right?! Sometimes I have moments where I think “Why do I bother hiking?” But then I see the views and the changes to my body and see why I do it

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Yes you are right

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