The secret of St. Peter's Basilica

The secret of St. Peter's Basilica:
The dome of the cathedral, like all building domes, produces a sonorous echo and behaves like a converging sound lens focusing the sound in the center of the circle constituting the dome. It thus increases the intensity of the sound which will be maximum in the central zone and thus plays a role of amplifier of the sound. This sound can be a song like a prayer or an organ sound. In the center of the dome there is a canopy which is a 4-pillar cage surmounted by a roof made of a fabric of silk and gold. The columns of the canopy of St Pierre are in bronze. Bronze is a copper alloy so is very good current conductor. Silk is very resistant to deformation as well as gold. This fabric behaves in reality like a diaphragm receiving the sound waves coming from the dome. It is therefore sufficient to connect a conductive spiral of copper or bronze in the center of the fabric and to place a natural magnetic stone called lodestone in the middle on a fixed and independent base from the fabric, which is therefore naturally magnetized. The sound of the dome causes this silk membrane to vibrate vertically, which by magnetic induction produces an alternating current in the copper spiral (due to the alternation of the movement from bottom to top and top to bottom). This is neither more than the description of the operation of a dynamic microphone. The current induced by the sound will be transported to the semicircles surrounding St. Peter's Square creating two semicircular loops as on the diagram. Although the place is not a perfect circle but an ellipse with vesica pisci that does not changes the principle of the maximum field in the central zone which is the vesica pisci. This current will again induce a magnetic field that will be alternative (alternately pointing up and down). In the center of the square is an obelisk made of red granite .The granite is red due to iron oxides. So the obelisk behaves like an iron core in an electromagnet to increase the power of the magnetic field. We thus obtain a strong alternating magnetic field probably extending over kilometers sufficiently powerful so that again can be generated by induction an alternating current in closed circuits ie vehicles, tools, lamps etc being in this field.




















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