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Just a quick note to say I'm heeerreee. Just too tired to write, and have not been on the computer much at all the past month or so, mostly I just do internet stuff on my phone while I sit in my lazy old chair in the corner being lazy in the evenings after everything is done for the day.

Right now listening to the sound of the dryer hum , actually, no that is the washer. I can't even tell the difference I'm so tired. I did not dry them yet.

This is fascinating blogging, I know! Hot damn, I'm interesting.

I've been a bit into instagram lately. @yidneth got me addicted, watching all of her beautiful pictures and videos there. Quite amazing. Anyway, if you want to follow me there I'm @serenamatthews. I don't mention steemit over there too much, this is my private space.

I know how dumb it sounds to say I have a private space on the INTERNET. But, it is what it is.

Here's something pretty I shot to look at, to make this at least somewhat worth the visit, maybe. Shamrock. I meant to post this post on St. Patrick's Day. That's how long it's been sitting here as a draft.

Well. It is Spring now, after all.. time for newness.. finally. This makes me happier than I can explain. Winter and me, we don't mesh well. But Spring and me, we're besties

Shamrocks always remind me of my grandmother because she would plant them in her flower beds and always show them to me every time they bloomed. It was always a special time when she showed me things in her garden that she was excited to personally show just to me. I will see her again someday. This much I know.

Gotta go.

Love to all of you.



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Well, same here Serena, though I always find my way back too and happy to read you posted. And confess your ig addiction is parrakeets and raccoons cute accounts lol lol. Still I am happy to be in touch with you also on discord as I myself am in a kind if internet break. Luvvvvvv you my sweet friend

you are always worth the visit <3

What a beautiful little flower and an excellent macro! I don't recall seeing a shamrock bloom, but the color is quite lovely! Thank you for sharing! 💖


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


secret 'public' space is still private if nobody knows about it I say! Welcoming the spring... yay finally.
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Awww thank you for the cake, Eon. That made my day. Or night, I guess, rather. Since it’s middle of the night... ❤️


Chocolaaaaaateeee, i am in the right post

Hello @paintingangels, life just gets in the way of blogging etc. And I think that is perfectly okay because we all need balance.



Glad you’re coming out of the winter doldrums! Me too. This past winter was particularly harsh! We still don’t have green yet, but the air is warming, the ice is melting, and the birds are singing!

Your photo is really stunning.

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Nice to see you are still around :)
Beautiful shot!

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