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Very worried. I am almost 2 months late on my rent and might be homeless in days. My landlord has been really nice and patient, but she needs to get paid for the space. I've been homeless before and I really do not think I can do it again. I hope you are doing better than me.


Thank you very much, @berniesanders. I really appreciate your votes just now and I'm glad I saw your post right below the one I posted a few minutes ago. You give me a lot of hope and I will keep trying.


I don't have a lot but you can have my SBDs. I hope it helps. It's like 5 and some change. Let's try and get you some rent monies.

@berniesanders is a really good community member. He is a helpful, fun guy.


Thank you so much. It will help me for sure and I am so grateful. I was lucky to see @berniesander's post. I'm not sure what is coming next, but I am glad I am on steemit and I will keep posting as much as I can. Thank you again.


Yep. Just be consistent and don't give up.

Alive and kicking... But would kick more if steem moons!

Am fine bernie. spending my holiday with little kids


I feel good enough today, happy to see you again ... how are you today @berniesanders?

good and eating chicken piece, wanna eat?

Not that bad, thanks for asking.

Just had lunch :-)

Sick, unfortunately. I don't often get sick but I let my guard down this weekend and got what my wife had. Now I'm stuck in bed with a fever. :-/

I am busy with errands! How about you?

I am kind of Sick due to the weather Change :(

Life's good. Have been having too much lately to complain ;-)

Always good, thanks for asking! You? :D

Very calm and slow as snail... And you?

Still trying to Wake up after running my son to school...........not enough coffee......... never enough cOfFeE................

I'm fine, just playing some Runescape

I'm great, starting to enjoy my steemit journey and life outside is good also... How about you @berniesanders?

Not fine at all.the cryptos are down!

Doing great! Having an awesome day!

I am fine, thank you

I'm great :)

Hello @berniesanders.

Things are looking up for me.

I started at Burger King and I feel pretty good about it.

I finally have a chance to get ahead. They want to make me a manager! So excited!!

Thank you for asking.

I wish you MASSIVE joy and wealth!

Life is good, how are u Bernie?

Very good news and a beautiful night.

Hello! World.

Hey. Pretty good.

Hi friend,,, I feel good today, how about you?

I'm just cold; it's been raining here since morning

So sad man... My g/f reject my f**king life :(

not bad ta. yourself ?

Bad cold today. How are you bernie?

Hola querido amigo, yo estoy bien... Planificando mi semana, en mi pais desde hoy hay muchos cambios, cambia el valor de la moneda entre otras cosas, así que hay que andar con cuidado.
Greetings from Venezuela
Hello dear friend, I am fine... Planning my week, in my country from now on there are many changes, the value of the currency changes among other things, so you have to be careful.
PD: You owe us a cover image haha
@berniesanders Again...

Lazy this time because of climate changes

Will be happy in a few minutes after i finish my Holy coffee!

Great just got a promotion, about to start the day! Big smile om my face! Everyone have a swell day today!

Great How about you too?

I'm doing fantastic. Getting ready to hit the road for a few hours. Drinking coffee. Looking forward to more beautiful photos.

Very good, just came back from a weekend-blast in Dublin and slept 15 hours to recover :)

I am fine #bernie (@berniesanders), Hope You Will Be Fine As Well.


Hi, i am fine, and you?

Fine. Waiting for breakfast >:(

Fine as you here with us Bernie

I'm ok. But a little tired.

I am patiently waiting for Moon time...

hasn't been easy


But Your Gif is signaling towards bearish Market.


exactly..waiting for moon in a bearish market..

have the fear. Could be better. Now to piece together what happened last night.


I mean, I reckon I'm not too bad yet for a Monday morning. Hope your day goes well for ya!

I can't really complain. I am just trying to make the best of every day I am here on steemit. How are you doing today?

It has been raining here for almost 3 days and is starting to get cold. I am not ready for summer to leave. :(


Good morning in my native tongue.

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I am not in a hilarious spirit my friend. I worked hard to write good posts but my posts don't get more than $1. My wife beat me for 'wasting' time on net. My internet connection is very slow and my boss is a tyrant. What else I can say.

Very sad. Seeing crypto market what happened in it.

Empty. Only steemit is keeping me bit busy since losing job in July.
The company sucks anyway.


Sorry to hear that..


It's ok. Life is not all roses.

I'm a happiness ninja. Thanks for asking. How are you?

hi @berniesanders i am not so fine today.

I magnificent and you?

I'm terrible, still in the Holiday vibe while I started work again today.
I was looking for the bar to order a beer.... :P

Taking it easy... 😏

Honestly pretty fuckin bad. Just a stupid argument on FB with a lot of dogpiling going on.

Doing pretty well, things have been going my way lately. Sort-of.

Hello to you too @berniesanders. I'm doing perfectly well this morning.
How are you?

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I'm working as intended.