Feeling Cute Might Fork Later - My Open Letter to Justin Sun

in #hf233 years ago (edited)


The clock is ticking

Tick-tock tick-tock

You might want to apologize, Justin

For your transgressions against this chain and it's die hard ideological supporters. No, not the ones you think. The ones that operate in the shadows.

You fool. Did you think we could be bought!

I work for a living you SUNuvabitch. I don't need you fucking money.

You see? 👀

Neither do those that truly value Steem not for the clusterfuck that it is... But for the Utopian vision that it can be. While the Tweedlee and Tweedledums (stupid money ppl - driven by greed, lust for power - not ideologically driven that is) run their mouths and kiss your toes, they understand not for their are unprincipled fools! Yes, I HOPE THAT STINGS AS IT SHOULD FOR YOUR HARLOTRY!


Oh look a Tweet was deleted. I wonder what it said.
You have given us many sleights thus far but why stop there? Go ahead, Justin! Pull the trigger if you call yourself a man.

Because when you do, I can really take off the gloves. Do you not understand dear Justin? You are the lion and we are the Honey Badgers!



Honey Badger Don't Care!

Are you beginning to understand, Justin? Allow me to elucidate you!


Imminent danger to your already tainted reputation. Did you not know this blockchain is chock FULL of TACTICAL MEMETIC WARFARE SPECIALISTS!

Don't believe us?

We eat your shills for breakfast.. even if they give us bubble guts / indigestion What are you feeding them?


Oh you thought this was one of your guys?!?

Think again!


He's Covert Ops!

Don't you dare even think about touching his account Justin. Or so help me I will do things to you that will make your momma blush. (From embarassmemt / shame)

With that, I hope we have and accord.

Our demands in ransom letter format. How cool is that, Justin?

Perhaps, one day we could be friends but trust, after it is lost, must be earned back. Then and only then will I relent. I don't lick any man's boots. I hope you understand.

  • Alex

P.S. You may downvote me for you may think I am but a man but know what you are up against is not merely a man. We are an idea. An idea that cannot be destroyed.


I sense anger.....lol

I prefer the term righteous indignation.

Kind of like Jesus when he chased out the money changers from the temple.

Oh wow that's DEEP and RELEVANT to this situation in particular, don't ya think?

Don't get a Jesus complex, for chrissakes (pun intended).
.... it didn't turn out too well for him, did it?

There is and I don't think it is called for

This is a joke. Take it with a mountain of salt.

Taken with salt.

And pepper.

And an antacid..

Yet still has a that honey badger sting!!

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