Someone broke steemit, so I've been outside!!

in hf21 •  14 days ago 


Steemit is like a drug, and I've slowly been weaning off it, thanks to the sh*t-show that was #HF21 and now hf22....

With all this spare time on my hands, I've had to find other things to fill my time with!!


I am no longer sat in a dark room staring at my phone screen. All this fresh air and sunshine has gone to my head.


I might make this a norm and feel that if steemit doesn't get fixed anytime soon, it's not just me that will be leaving..


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Yes Fresh Air is a Good Thing Welshie. Thank You for All You Do For @ssg-community ........

You can come back inside now :) great post thanks for sharing ;)

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Ahhh I see you are a furry in your spare time. 😉