HardFork21, smdh.

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Now, IF the responsible whales take control of the pool.
IF the bad whales stop maximizing roi at the expense of everything else, including the price.
IF those responsible for the debacle that is steem 3 years later have lost control.

HF21 might not be so bad.

Steem started at 50/50 curation.
It changed to 75/25 before I got here.

I got here at just the tail end of the 100% inflation.
That was some good stuff.
F5 and your balance went up.
Unsustainable, but nice to watch going up.

I was here when delegation wasn't a thing.
The golden boys and girlz were getting all the gold.
They used Ned's posting key to vote their crap posts to trending.

Delegation became a thing and Ned just delegated to them and they voted their own comments after that.
IF you bothered to check, you would see exactly how much of that steem was dumped on exchanges.
I'm gonna take my napkin out, write down >87%, and dare anybody to prove me wrong.

Mrdelegation sure needed to make my influence worth less to the authors I supported so that dlive could dump their privilege on the market for btc.

All hail, stinc!


I can't say what HF21 is going to do.
IF the whales do take control of the abuse, as the whitepaper describes, then this could be ok.

Otherwise, I see all hell breaking loose.
Why would our little guys stick around when everybody that earns less than 6stu on a post is gonna see their payouts smashed to nothing.

You did notice that stinc, et al, stopped calling the new curve 'superlinear', yes?

That is because it is SUBlinear!!

The exponential movement is taking those of us that aren't popular with the whales down, rather than the whale's getting less.
They won't notice the difference.

IF the responsible whales don't downvote ALOT of abuse, this hardfork will put the final nails in our coffin.

The ninjamine will have succeeded in zombifying steem.
Not dead, not worth helping.
There we will be, trapped in a coffin, undead.

Some of us will drift off to gab.
Some to minds.
Many of us will find solace in tokenbb.io.

But most of us will just do this for nearly free.

All hail, stinc!


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I think everyone is starting to see that we need to make some changes and embrace NewSteem.

Recently I've been seeing some of the bot owners removing votes from crap on trending and trying harder. I think it will slowly continue to change.

This is NewSteem. We value our investment.

Ipromote is flagging with sfr.
Maybe this downvote pool will bring back the experiment's 800mv cap.

I did like steem better when it was new and ned still a hero.

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