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Hello! We here at @heyhaveyamet really enjoy seeing what you all have to say, but we are noticing a few people we are following haven't written much lately. We wanted to see if there was anything we could do to help get you posting again. Those we are checking into today are:


If each of the people listed above would write a post letting us know what we, or others, can do to help encourage you to continue posting quality content, we at Hey! Have Ya Met and @steemterminal will be more than happy to give you a 50% upvote on that one post.

Please leave the link in the comments!


We gave you a 25% upvote when we introduced you and are giving you, and the others we have introduced in past #hhym posts one 15% upvote per day. We do hope it is helping you achieve some of your goals.


The Hey! Have Ya Met ... ? Team!

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Hey I’m still here! Although I have to confess my own post count is right down - nothing to do with Steem and everything to do with my life - all I seem to do is work and sleep nowadays. It’s a challenge just commenting on all the posts using #SublimeSunday let alone trying to keep up with everyone else.

But that is how it goes, you get busy maybe get out of the routine of checking on Steem. Hopefully these great Steemians will hear you call and make a post or two, with so much going on there is great potential ahead of us.

#thealliance #witness

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I so totally understand. I have been so busy that i have overlooked my other two accounts recently. So glad you are still here. You are one of our favorite @c0ff33a

I understand life getting in the way. But I'm also aware that this Steem'verse can get CRAZY sometimes! BUT... with the @heyhaveyamet along with @steemterminal , at least there's people who want to help!

If it's just "because" then we know how life is. But if there's help needed, we can do our best to try!!


By the way!! Here's a free taxi if you need help!


Sending along a !Tip for you!


Thank you so much!

Just resteemed - hope it helps to get those people more involved again :)


We do as well. We will be doing this a few times a week while we sort through our following list. I am hoping it encourages.


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Thank you @eonwarped.

You got my vote too😉


Thank you very much!

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Thank you so much!

Maybe they're tired of wasting time on the $STEEM roller coaster...

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Maybe, but I thought I would give it one last bit of encouragement.

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I hope we will get some of these returning to activities! What a cool post <3 <3 <3


We have already had one of these people post!
Please resteem this post or, if you know any of them, please encourage them!

Great post!


Thank you so much!

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