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The Natural Herbs List.
This natural herbs ingredients list has been proven to improve man’s performance. Men being predominantly and traditionally labeled as the stronger sex must show himself deserving of the impression as the provider, protector, and source of support especially to his family.
Contrary to popular belief that life is much easier now. In today’s society, now more than ever we need those strengths to triumph in life. The need to be successful and to perform are now much more demanding than ever. Our natural ingredients list are just maybe on the physical aspect of things but physical aspects plays a vital role and baseline in our performance and successes.

Almost all of us men have yearnings how to become a better man in life. Our intention and how we made it to happen can very well indicate how able are we to accomplish the tasks given to our role. These natural ingredients will help us not only to cope but to thrive in our life’s affairs.

Without further ado let me enumerate the 6 natural ingredients to you:

  1. Tongkat Ali- Aphrodisiac, increases male hormone called Testosterone.

  2. Cordycep Sinensis- energy source also lowers blood pressure.

  3. Rhodiola Rosea – provides energy and sexual stamina

  4. Ginseng Panax – immune booster and stress reliever.

  5. L-Arginine – for heart protection and increases sperm count

  6. Gingko Biloba- concentration enhancer.

How it Helps to Become a Better Man in Life.
From the words of the great Abe says “All men are created equal”. But in life we can readily see that our performance and accomplishments separate the good from the bad or at the least the boys from men.

Through our actions other people see if we are an achiever or not. By our fruits or results we shall be assessed of who we really are. It is indeed very important that we perform well and let me enumerate the ways how these natural ingredients help us become a better man in life.

Tongkat Ali also known as Malaysian Ginseng is Eurycoma longifolia jack. This therapeutic herb native to the Malaysian rain forest is very popular in promoting healthy libido and support normal hormone level in males.

The same hormone testosterone that drives us to compete also gives us the desire to accomplish. This separates just the skilled athlete to the champions and legends. The desire to win and be better each and every time.

In a good balance this is the same ingredient on how to become a better man in bed. To those who have sexual partner, it comes handy as it will add color to our relationships.

Tongkat Ali will keep you locked and loaded. Unlike other synthetic drugs that will give you uncontrollable urge, this herb will get you in natural flow whenever you are aroused, challenged or simply needs to perform.

Cordycep Sinensis is one of the more famous Chinese herbs. A medicinal mushroom that increases energy, stimulates the immune system and acts as an over all tonic to the body.

Various research shows that these constituents of Cordycep Sinensis are responsible for its claimed benefits:

a.) Sterols- alcohols of the steroid group. Lowers cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and anti-tumor properties.

b.) Polysaccharides – complex carbohydrates that stabilizes blood pressure, free radicals effect nad stimulates the immune system.

c.) Nucleosides – organic molecules that are converted into building blocks of the genetic material DNA and RNA.

Cordycep Sinensis will get your body energized and your immune system getting ready for the challenges ahead. For the man of action these are necessary requirements to get you going and going so far.

stamina and enduranceRhodiola Rosea is widely regarded as an anti-fatigue agent and Adaptogen. This works perfectly with Tongkat Ali and other natural ingredients because it promotes longevity and stamina.

Good effects that you want to make it last. Rhodiola Rosea is the solution for us all to have a long lasting effect. Significantly reduces the effects of prolonged and minor physical exhaustion that results in fatigue and stress.

Ginseng Panax is often referred to as general well-being medication because it affects many systems of the body. It contains many active substances that is generally believed to improve thinking, concentration, memory.

It s an immune booster that affects not only our mental performance but also helps work efficiency by improving physical stamina, preventing muscle damage and athletic endurance.

As we perform and usher the way how to become a better man in life, Ginseng Panax improves the over all effect of these other ingredients for a better experience.

L-Arginine is the one that will protect one of our most important vital organ the heart. It is known to relax the blood vessels and also improves our sperm count.

With a perfectly working blood flow we have better circulation and therefore penile erection. This is another ingredient on how to become a better man in life and in bed. When we have a better heart, healthy blood vessels and enough sperm count we thrive as men on top of things.

Gingko Biloba is the one that will improve focus and help us achieve success, It will attract the right people and the right opportunity to you if you have the right mental set for every situation.

Even on attracting a partner, success and achievement is still the greatest turn on. With great accomplishments are the opportunities for the opposite sex to notice you.

There is no substitute for achievement in your status. Being able to contribute to the betterment of the environment and people around you. Gingko Biloba is one ingredient you should not miss being a man of modern times.
Why We Should be Grateful.
In this age of information, we have learned a lot that can improve our lives and put us in distinct advantage over others. In this modern times we should also be thankful because these things can now be available to us.

We do not have to search and prepare all of these natural ingredients one by one. Nature has provided us a lot of these ingredients, combined with science, these things can now easily be accessible.

Ultiman by NatracareWhat I can best recommend and that I have personally tried myself is the one from Natracare Philippines. The product is ULTIMAN® Men’s Formula, the 6 natural ingredients list I mentioned above are all in this capsule formulated in perfect proportion or combination.

Ultiman is manufactured in the highest standard of LEMS (Liquid Encapsulated Microsealing System) technology. So we are assured that the amount and integrity of the ingredients are at its most potent form.

Ultiman is available for sale in Mercury branches, Generika and all other leading drugstores nationwide.

Natracare office is located at Unit 404 4/F Union Square Condominium 145 15th Ave. Cubao Quezon City and they can be reached on Natracare hotline 355-7314/ 376-09-29 or mobile phone 0917-51-51-300.


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