Henry Golding on His First Fashion Week Front Row: “I Had Cotton Mouth the Entire Time”

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Elegant front columns aren't the proportion of buzz they used to be at Fashion Week, in a period when web-based social networking can render a decision on another gathering for all intents and purposes progressively. In any case, Tom Ford is an unequivocal exemption to that run the show. On Wednesday night, Ford opened Fashion Week with a power front line that had Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, Anna Wintour, Henry Golding, and Cardi Ball situated together. Two or three places down, N.B.A. Elite player Russell Westbrook sat beside Hailee Steinfeld, Adriana Lima, and Elizabeth Debicki. 

At the after-party, held behind the runway, Crazy Rich Asians star Golding was thinking about his Fashion Week make a big appearance . . . kind of. "You know, I was a hairdresser before . I used to be back there," he stated, signaling to the backstage entryway, where the models were simply starting to rise. Golding, a British TV moderator who broke out with Crazy Rich Asians and before long shows up in the spine chiller A Simple Favor, conceded that sitting by Wintour, he had "cotton mouth the whole time. Fortunately, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were beside her. I had eaten with Rita and [A Simple Favor director] Paul Feig. Thus they came over they resembled 'Henry, we saw the film!' and I resembled, "Pause, pause, pause. Tom Hanks is disclosing to me he cherished my motion picture!"

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