The Exploding Hemp Industry Could Literally Save The Bees Of The World

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Which in turn could save mankind from starving to death. lol.

It turns out that the male hemp plant produces LOTS of pollen and bees love it! Apparently all kinds of bees.

An article in Environmental Entomology(one of my favorite magazines)found that 16 different species of bees visited a large male plant.


Not only do they love the pollen but since it's a late-season crop when flowers are hard to find...that makes it even more attractive to them.

The researchers are very excited about this because hemp production is in a boom phase at a time when bee populations are decreasing at an alarming rate all over the world.

They definitely think that hemp will help save the bees by providing plenty of healthy pollen late in the year.


A few of the crops which rely on bees are Almonds. Apples. Asparagus. Beans. Beets, Okra, Potatoes, Onions, Kiwifruit, Blueberries, Watermelon..the list goes on but one third of our food is pollinated by bees.

Hemp is such an amazing plant with so many uses from health to manufacturing but this may be the most important one! It's quite an important discovery.

In fact it's so dang important the government should subsidize the crops. At least for the first few years. The rest of the world needs to start planting hemp too, for the bees.


I just learned another beneficial aspect of the hemp plant: it detoxifies the soil. Yeah, it cleans up soil that's been contaminated by chemicals like herbicides.

So it cleans up the soil, helps save the bees, then the plant can be used to make sustainable products like textiles and many other things plus the medicinal oil. Hot dang, it's a miracle plant!


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

PS- Hey did you guys see this? An artist couple in California created this in honor of Kobe Bryant. 115 ft tall and 92 ft wide.


They say they use a special mower that bends the grass a certain way and they can produce shadows and different shades using it.

The machine is called a "TurfPrinter" and it "blows air to bend the grass in a designed direction that, when light hits it, unveils an image, which can only be seen from above." source

Hard to believe but it only took an hour to make! I think it's incredible.





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Thank goodness for weed.. and BEER

and boobs.

Yes sirbearbear and thank goodness for Canada for getting a great headstart on growing it up there, I keep reading about the successful companies and all of them are Canadian! I don't here much about Canadian beer

Oh dude, CA beer is good.

I'll get some next time I have a chance sirbearbear.

Didn't know that it cleans up the soil too....very interesting!

I thought that was amazing. They say you can make $50,000 an acre with a good crop but I think it's hard to get a good one. I wonder if it grows in Texas?

Only one way to find out!!! 😉

Someone just told me that it grows in Texas but it's still illegal here so I might have to wait awhile.

This is very interesting. Kudos to hemp haha!

Howdy Jaynie! I agree, I was amazed. I think everyone will be growing it with a cash value of $50,000 an acre for a good crop! Plus we'll have a surplus of bees!

hahahaha!!!! That sounds good to me! :D

You got any acreage? Jaynie the farmer! lol.

Well I am in Boer country LOL!!!

Well there ya go. Except is it legal there? Jaynie the convict. lol.

Good 😅

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Well howdy sir trendotoken and thank you and sir @wonderwop!

Wow... There is a lot of value there, isn't there!

Yes Ma'am it's amazing. Plus they say a good crop is worth $50,000 an acre! I predict we'll be the biggest hemp producers in the world shortly. And we'll have a surplus of bees!

Why did it ever become illegal to grow hemp in this country?

Why did it ever
Become illegal to grow
Hemp in this country?

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Howdy today Melinda! The government didn't like the thought of everyone getting high on weed so they banned all cannabis plants which included industrial hemp. It was a stupid move because hemp has so many commercial uses.

That was in 1937 but what's interesting is that they asked farmers to raise it during WWII so they could make canvas for war supplies like tents and such. Then after the war the ban went back into effect. lol.

Another failed government policy! We do have a lot of those. It is rather amazing that this country has survived as long as it has.

Yes! lol..if you want to be sure something is ruined, get the government involved! lol.

Howdy Sir Jonboy! This is exciting! I love bees, and I've just invested in some hemp/cbd startups. I hope this thing takes off! I've never smoked marijuana, and I don't plan to, but we have seen that prohibition never works. Might as well legalize it nationwide! Some people think it really helps them and who am I to tell them what they can't consume?

Howdy tonight sir opout! I agree totally, the medical research going on...well you know they're discovering so much about the oil, it's just incredible. And yes it will soon be legal in all states and the price hit bottom last year so it's a great time to invest!

Did you know that back in the day when sailing ships ruled the seas and all rope was hemp rope, hemp was considered a strategic commodity crucial for national defense like oil is today? Sadly after the US invaded the Philipines, Philipine hemp was cheaper to produce and killed the domestic market. That's the only reason the government ever got around to banning hemp/marijuana in the 1930's. By that time, all hemp was being imported so they figured they didn't need it anymore.

This is so interesting sir optout, thanks for this great information! I knew they had banned it but I wasn't sure why. Dang, they say a good crop will bring in $50,000 an acre! I wonder if it grows in Texas? lol..we have a few acres!

It's pretty much a weed and grows everywhere. Wyoming just legalized hemp growing for our farmers. If it grows in Wyoming, it will grow double good in Texas! LOL. As I type, it's -4 degrees outside.

Holy smokes! -4 degrees. That's good news about the legalization. I suppose Texas will be the last to do that. I think it's a fantastic cash crop to grow.

We're(Mrs. J. and I)very interested in startups also. We don't have any invested in cannabis yet but I know it's going to be huge.

There is one problem that I have with this Sir @janton.
I was thinking about sending your "Source" article to the apple farmers in the valley, as they hire bee hives at great cost during the pollinating stages of the apple trees.
My problem is that the workers will be "high" all of the time. Lol.

Oh, and production might plummet! lol..I see the potential problem there!

Hahaha, one might find rocks instead of apples in the harvesting crates Lol.

Exactly. lol.

👌 👌 👌

When people start interfering in nature it always ends badly. Especially when we want to do something good. Nature know how to balance things.

Howdy sir oldtimer, well said!

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Well howdy sir beerlover, it's good to see you again!

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  ·  12 days ago (edited)

I never knew that cannabis plants were the favorite of bees or that they detoxified the soil! Learned something new today! Thank you for this really interesting post!

When a young man, I was very anti-cannabis. Being a member of the Marine Corps at the time, I was extremely conservative in my views.

Since I have gotten older, and started experiencing the side-effects of aging (arthritis, glaucoma, gout, a chronic nervous condition), I have, over the past few years at my younger sister's urging, started utilizing cannabis-based remedies. I cannot extol the benefits that using CBD, hemp-oil, THC have brought to me enough!

Thank you again for sharing your post with me. I now have even more information which I can share with others about this amazing plant.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings and groovy vibes to you and yours!

Howdy and thank you so much sgt-dan! I'm so glad you are finding relief with the amazing products and I think they'll be getting better ones all the time.

Wow, so much info @janton!!! Bee decline is such an issue, its wonderful to hear there are solutions to help the bee population and improve our soil at the same time. I know several people using the oil for their achy old bones, they love it! :) blessings

Howdy birdsinparadise! I'm so glad those people you know are benefiting from the oil products, it's truly amazing stuff and I think they're just getting started as far as coming out with great products.

I mean, when something is illegal you don't put alot of research into it but now it's different.

Who is Kobe Bryant?

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

He was an NBA star who was killed with his 13 yr old daughter last week in a helicopter crash in California. He played all his 20 years of basketball in Los Angeles so he's like an idol there.

Ah, ok that makes sense. Helos can be dangerous I guess. Was he piloting or just a passenger?

He was a passenger. There were 8 others who died as well, another man who had his daughter with him also..they were going to Kobe's daughter's basketball practice, she was a rising star herself taking after her dad.

I'm not sure but I think it was his private chopper and his pilot. They got into some fog and they said the chopper wasn't designed or cleared to fly in fog. But I never heard the exact cause.

Ah ok, a shame for all 8 of those who died in the accident.

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Howdy tonight steem-ua and thank you so much for the upvote!

Yipee! Hope for mankind!

lol..I'm glad you agree sir Vincent. You guys probably have enough bees over there but I'm sure the hemp production will still go into full swing!

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Weed is my speed and that's what I need. Grateful for the nature providing us with seeds!

Peace and love!

Lol..howdy spellmaker! That's brilliant, thanks for commenting!

So many good things come from these plants. The decades-long ban was so short-sighted and counter-productive, and most importantly, the medical effects were also kept from us.

Watch some of the Dragnet episodes on youtube if you get a chance and observe how they just outright lied about it as a scare tactic. They are funny now, for how stupid that show was at times.

How interesting sir free-reign! Dragnet had episodes where they were brainwashing people about hemp!? lol. That's amazing. Do you know why it got banned in the first place? Probably out of ignorance.

Not hemp specifically, but pot. Their shows in which they are concentrating on arresting people for pot are as bad as that 1930's or 1940's movie Reefer Madness, which one can probably find on youtube. Dragnet hawked ALL of the ridiculous "dangers" of pot that the propagandists had conceived for that movie, which itself was a manufactured scare tactic.

There's a relationship between hemp and marijuana plants, and hemp was banned because of that relationship. But the real story on why the government wanted both to be illegal has nothing to do with the "dangers" of using pot for medical reasons or recreational reasons. It had to do with $$$$$ as does just about everything the government does (and HAS done) for its lobbyists.

Here's a link that explains the hemp/pot relationship:

Howdy today sir free-reign! Great information here, thank you and thanks for that great article, my gosh the uses of hemp is astounding!

I remember reading somewhere that the reason why hemp was ever outlawed in the first place was because it competed with the timber industry.

It wont be long before this magic plant ends up being accepted and used for a whole mess of things. It's time.

Yes sir it is very much time and now that it's being legalized there are so many companies doing research on it and it's benefits.

That reason for being outlawed is probably true, I need to go do some studying on it's history.


Hey janton, Hemp is a fantastic magical plant indeed.

Howdy today angiemitchell! It is a fast growing movement over here, is Australia growing hemp too?

I like honey and hemp, win - win!

lol..I agree sir abitcoinskeptic, go hemp growers!

That lawn art is amazing @janton 👍


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Howdy today trendotoken! Thanks so much to you and sir @wonderwop!

Howdy sir wonderwop! I agree, I was stunned to learn they can do that just by bending the grass! They say it only lasts a couple days because the grass grows and straightens up. lol.

Cannabis/Hemp has been around a lot longer than idiotic 'white man' laws, stigma attached to this plant has been stupid, by stupid for way too long.

Living in a region where this grows like a weed, which it is, consumed for a variety of reasons in so many different ways, let us hope this is not a new "fashion" taken to another extreme in greed due to potential of uses.

!BEER Bees will be happier once my little bush starts to grow and thrive LOL.

Howdy joanstewart! Oh that is very interesting, it grows like a weed there on it's own! Is it legal to grow it there? You are so right, it is stupid to outlaw it.

Was outlawed in 1922 to grow freely, however plants pop up in the most unusual places with pips being dropped by smokers cleaning before smoking. Some quietly farm in areas hoping not to be found.

Current law allows you to plant one or two plants for self use, this is still very grey area, legally you can smoke indoors on your own property but no one is allowed to buy/sell the plants.

South African could farm large scale entering many manufacturing procedures into sustainable businesses if the law did not stand in the way.

Howdy again joanstewart! Thanks for the information. I just hope that the government gets it's head straight sometime soon so the country can once again be prosperous.

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This is good to know Cowboy! I’m 100% behind anything that will help save our bees.

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

Yes me too redheadpei and Canada is leading the world in cannabis and hemp growing from what I'm reading. I think they do it in huge greenhouses because of the cold weather.

Excelente publicación, mi estimado @janton.
Es impresionante cuánto dependemos de las abejas y lo importante de mantenerlas a salvo.
Kobe dejó una marca imborrable en la NBA.
Un abrazo en la distancia, hermano.

Excellent post, my dear @janton.
It's amazing how much we depend on bees and how important it is to keep them safe.
Kobe left an indelible mark in the NBA.
A hug in the distance, bro.

Howdy sir oneray! I couldn't agree with you more, well said!

How would have thought that hemp would help the bees? Wow! I knew it had many benefits, but I had no clue about this one in particular!

Howdy sir lymepoet! I was shocked too. Hey, I think Canada is leading the world in cannabis and hemp production, I heard they raise them in huge greenhouses!

Hemp. Is there anything it can't do?

I wonder if I could use this as an argument to be allowed to legally grow hemp in the yard.

lol..I think it's worth a try sir wwwiebe...let us know how it works out!

Well, I think 9 or 10 states have legalized growing hemp plants and I think pretty soon it will be legal everywhere.

How bees add nutrients and nourishe crops remains a mystery to me.

This is a nice suggestions. I think farmers should also looking to planting these hemp.

That work of Kobe is wow!😚

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Howdy sir maxwellmarcusart! Yes I am sure that every country could use the money from such crops. I was amazed at the Kobe art too. They say it is made just by bending blades of grass in different directions and that is a mystery to me! Thank you so much for commenting, how are things in Nigeria?

Great post @janton my friend

↑Upvoted↑ and ←Resteemed→

Thank you so much sir jerrytsuseer. I hope your week is going well!

You are so welcome Jonboy, it is what it is, but it could be a LOT worse.

Hold up there on recommending making oil out of the plants that have drawn contaminates out of the soil....and you know (as an afterthought of reading some information) you may have just solved why the bees are dying off. Those plants are now full of the contamination they withdrew from the soil and they therefore have to be disposed of in a similar manner as the actual contaminated soil. This would be particularly concerning in heavily contaminated nuclear sites like Fukushima and Chernobyl, those plants would have to be handled as radioactive material. Fukushima has not used hemp but of all things sunflowers....hence: how to they keep bees and birds away from such highly toxic plants?...what is the effect this is having on bees and birds?....maybe that's something they need to look into as I think I've read before there is a greater concern abroad as they've lost more bees then we have. Chernobyl has been using hemp but it has to be cultivated and destroyed just the same as the native plants on the property has because it's system is infiltrated with contaminated waste. I've heard they suspect it could be all these cell towers causing the decline in bees but what if it's some freak genetic mutation from radioactive plants?

Anyway...don't smoke, bake or shake any plants used to removed contaminates from the soil, unless of course your into heavy metals...and I am not talking music. lol.

Howdy sunlit7! Great points and I hope scientists, entomologists, botanists and all the other researchers out there are going to be able to figure it all out!

Found this this morning while posting articles for a blog. There's actually a fungi out there that likes growing on nuclear waste.

Chernobyl shocker as fungi that eats radiation found inside nuclear reactor

Howdy sunlit7! Oh man, that is totally wild! I wonder what they can learn from that fungi? Very interesting indeed!

Yeah it will definitely be interesting to see what future studies show, hopefully it doesn't mutate up into some massive blob and roll into some town....The Blob, part 2. lol.

Yeah, that scenario of finding it growing in a devastated area like that does sound like science fiction!

Congratulations @janton!
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Well howdy there arcange and thank you so much, it's an honor!

You're welcome @janton

I hope that the government would see the benefits of these crops.

Whoever made that as a memorial for him ROCKS! That just looks fantastic and I'm shocked that it only took an hour.

thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day!

Howdy there sgbonus! I suppose it is illegal to grow hemp in your country?
That memorial was indeed awesome and I have no idea how they did it in just an hour!

This is very interesting - I want to have a fit if people kill bees. Besides flies and mosquitoes why do you want to kill all insects? That Kobe memorial is awesome.

Howdy today anneke! I agree, I don't even kill bees. I guess if they're on the ground when I mow I might kill some accidentally. I agree about the Kobe memorial!

I can't grow that stuff. It gets contaminated by all sorts of critters. It was more work than a newborn baby. I prefer to provide a habitat for bees by not mowing my grass and letting all sorts of native species run amok in my yard. My neighbors do not like it, but I don't like a few of them either, so we are even. But yay for more hemp! Still illegal to grow in NYS. More and more things are becoming illegal here.

Howdy owasco! I know NYS loves to over regulate everything and everybody but I would think that hemp would be one of the things they would legalize. Then they could tax it! Yeah, I think only 9 or 10 states have legalized it so far but that trend is spreading fast.
Your yard sounds like a winner, that's hilarious about your neighbors! lol.

Sweet friend steemit allows 8 tags so you still have two left how about #amazingnature a contest by @adalger and animals

Howdy brittandjosie! I did not know that about using 8 tags! wow. thanks so much for the tip and information!

The whole hemp thing was amazing enough and then you bring up this unbelievable turf printing art!
Just incredible!

Howdy sir hlezama! I was impressed about hemp also and was blown away by that artwork as well! Especially when they said it was created just by bending the grass at different angles and it would only last for 2 days because the grass would grow. lol. Amazing. Thanks so much for stopping by!

I have to plant hemp for the bees. 16 different species is awesome and so are the many benefits of hemp. Great article Jonboy! : 0
What a great tribute to Kobe. : )

We do need to save the bees!!

Howdy mariannewest! I agree, thanks so much for commenting!

Yes on both counts — that’s incredible news about hemp, and that lawnmower picture of Kobe Bryant Is amazing.

Another thing about hemp: evidently they’re making milk from it, and it’s very nutritious. Almond milk is really popular today as an alternative to cow’s milk but it is evidently resource intensive (requiring something like a gallon and a half of water per almond. Hemp sounds like a much better choice because it actually helps the environment!

Howdy jayna! Wow, Hemp milk! That plant really IS a miracle plant. Thanks so much for the information, I wish I had that when I posted!

You could write a series. One of the posts could be about hemp as an investment, one could be about hemp products, etc. (Oof my favorite products is hemp lotion!)

Howdy today jayna! Yes you're right, there are so many uses that it would take awhile to talk about all of them and I'm sure they're finding more all the time! Your favorite lotion is hemp lotion! Ain't that something?

Happy Bees & Happy Trees 😋😉☺😍😍😂😂👍👍😆🌳🌳🙏💕💕

Howdy reikigirl! I been thinking about you lately. I wonder if we connected on some kind of strange reiki level? lol. thanks so much for stopping by!

Oh wow. This is an amazing finding. The "beepocalypse" is a very real danger.

Do you happen to know from your findings if hemp also replenishes overworked soil of lost nutrients?


Howdy there arbitrarykitten! I agree, it's dog gone incredible. lol. I don't know about the nutrient replenishment, surely it can't do that too? lol..maybe it can, I think I'll do some more research, thank you!

Sweet! I definitely would like to know.

Its a dark wormhole learning how much necessary nutrients are depleted from the soil from overuse, but a necessary one!