Symptoms of Women's Heart Attack.

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'Heart disease' acts like a silent killer in women's life. It is possible to reduce the risk of death if it is treated with care since its inception.

A report published on this topic on health website said that India's Heart Care Foundation's President and former President of India's Medical Association Keke Agarwal said, "Women are less likely to get heart disease. Women are generally diagnosed with a higher risk of ten years than men and more risky. The symptoms of men (for example, chest pain and the pain spreading on shoulders, arms and throat) are rare compared to men. Many women do not know the cause of a heart attack, especially in young people or diabetes patients. "

Therefore, women should be given special attention to some symptoms of heart attack.

Chest pain: Symptoms of pain, pressure or any discomfort in women are 'heart attack'. But many women have a heart attack without pain. Such chest pain can be a lot of pressure or feeling like tension. And it can only be on the left side of the chest, rather than anywhere on the chest.

Throat, mouth bone, shoulder or upper part of the back pain: These symptoms are more common in women than men. Such pain may increase gradually and may also be sporadically felt before it is severe. These paints are avoided due to the hypothesis that the pain of a heart attack is only in the chest.

Stomach discomfort: If there is a problem of cardiovascular problems in the family, then sudden abdominal pain, discomfort in the stomach, or burning in the chest etc should not be avoided. This is a sign of a heart attack. Many women feel excessive pressure in the stomach, which is very much like having a heavy head on the top of the abdomen, which is a sign of heart attack.

Shortness and vomiting: If suddenly a rapid fluctuation occurs, it should be understood that it is a serious symptom of a heart attack. So you should consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Sweating: Cold sweating without any reason for any season can be a sign of a heart attack. If these abnormal sweats appear, they should be quick to focus.

Vulnerability: Working without weak labor, or feeling weak, it indicates heart pressure. It should be noted that it involves chest pain.