Free SBD giveaway results (Ep31)

in helpmegrow •  2 years ago 

Hi friends,

This is the last episode I will be running in this long program to help minnows. It seems that with new rules that can be found here I might be spamming the platform. I will be thinking in a new way to help you out. In fact please check @tuanis daily reports for al the new steemians being helped daily. On the other hand the delegation contest might as well need to be terminated. I will try to get a work around in which I could still help you out to grow and I can reach as much people as possible. For now I will prepare this last results post and finish the program.



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I’ve been gone and the rules have changed!

Thanks! @raserrano

No problem :)

thank you buddy!

thanks a lot @raserrano

Thank you @rasserano..

Thank you @raserrano
You help a lot 😊

thanks @raserrano

thanks :)