Most Important things New steemians Should Know

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Hi guys! I am M Fahad, I writing this to Participate in the contest started by @conradt by thr name "Steem basic Income".

I am new on steemit, It has been only 10,12 days on it. This what i have gained:

Note: I have not earned much, only few cents as i am also a beginner but i do have faith in my strategy i am going to share with you.

I was referred by a Friend, Who is Here for a while now and Earning enough. So I am going to share Some of the experience i have gained and what my friend has told me to Help All the Newbies on this platform.

Here are some key points you must remember:

  1. First and the most Important point is Not to lose your password. It is something you should care like it worth million

  2. Try to be genuine, and Avoid plagrism (copy/pasting) the content , thinking that no one would know. This platform has Bot like @cheetah and many Responsible members too who get catch you easily. so there is no Short cut ( This is something i myself has gone through)

  3. Try to select one one niche and only stick to it. obviously niche should be the one you like the most and on which you can write the most.

  4. tags are most important thing. Use it vicely! Add tags which are most relevant to your content, and try using tags which are most popular as they appear on left sidebar in your feeds. tags would help you gain more and more followers

  5. Use of Pictures will make your content appealing. Try using your Own, but if your are using of someone else picture do remember to add a Source below your content to avoid plagrism.

  6. Steemit is Not something of Overnight success. Be patient! Post more and More Quality content and be consistent in it atleast for three months. then you will se the noticable results (This was the tip from my friend, as i am yet to experience it)

  7. Try to be social, Read other's content and Upvote them and place Comment to start discussion. This Is something you can Earn Curation reward from.

  8. Avoid short or Common comment like "nice post" etc. istead try to share what you have learned from the post.

There is lot more to learn. but this is what i have learned in 12 days.

In Short.. Be patient, Be Consistent, Be Genuine and Be sincere and never Stop learning.
Upvote the Deserving post, Place comments and Resteem. You would Surely succeed!

Regards. :)

If i am wrong in anything , do Correct me in comments.

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Some good points @faady92 good luck for the contest :)

Thanks! May the best one wins!