How is a hospital in Venezuela: You will not believe where they put newborn babies (Photos)

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Hospitals in Venezuela: Areas of danger to health?

The WHO indicated that 5 out of 10 people suffer a condition when entering a hospital for a treatment. However, up to 30% of Venezuelan patients are harmed by medical errors and lack of hygiene in public health entities in the country.

The lack of supplies has reduced the number of beds in hospitals to about 18,000, when officially they should be 47,000. In the case of the private sector, the clinics have another 7,000, which brings the total available throughout the country to 25,000 for more than 30 million inhabitants.

The national health system is seriously deteriorated. The advantages of being born in a political territory and legally committed to safeguarding the minimum conditions for the protection of fundamental rights disappear. Currently, living in Venezuela is a risk for all citizens.

The lack of beds and supplies led hospitals to a total collapse.

Here are some images taken at different hospitals in the country:

In the absence of baby incubators, cartons are now used:

The image of the waiting room of a hospital in Venezuela that is unworthy of the world: women giving birth in the waiting room:

This reality is one of the saddest in my country since thousands of people die every day due to lack of medicines and supplies in hospitals.

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Venezuela needs a change.

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