NEED HELP, PLEASE HELP ME TAKE ACTION (Termination without cause)

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Well I have been MIA for the last 4 months or so because I have been working at my seasonal job doing road construction. Coming back this year I was expecting a raise like everyone else had received on my crew. Some people who were in tight with the foreman got 3 or 4 raises in the time I have got there, while I haven't even got one.

Nevertheless, it was not like my performance was lackluster. I did not need any direction, I went to working immediately - most days before I was even on the clock. In two seasons I never missed a single day of work, which was hard sometimes considering we worked 15 hours a day for 20 plus days straight on occasion.

With that a side, I approached my foreman and asked him If I was entitled to a raise seeing that I knew a lot more than I did when I first started. Having student loans and a plethora of other debts, even a $1/hour raise was going to help me out a lot. He concurred and I went on my way working my ass off to show my appreciation. Being paid weekly, the first few weeks went by and there was no raised. I asked him again and he showed me some text to the superintendent asking him for a raise for me. However, thinking back, considering that there were no previous conversations in the text window, chances are this was just a fake text, sent in an attempt to fool me.

Another week went by and he stated that he was going to give me an even bigger raise, so I waited and waited. I eventually asked a few co-workers who were longtime friends who have worked their for a better part of the last decade, and they told me that most of their raises were immediate and never took 6 to 8 weeks to kick in. At this point I started to get frustrated. Enduring verbal abuse in the first month of working their, along with the constant temper tantrums of the other long-term employees, it was obvious that I wasn't wanted and I was simply being bullied.

I knew the foreman beforehand through another friend who worked on my crew, the one he gave 4 raises to, in the same time that he gave me none. Obviously he liked him a lot more than me. Nevertheless, this guy and his other friend - the main equipment operated loved to see me suffer. He would go out of his way to make sure that I hurt myself moving large concrete rings and cast iron manhole frames, while being at the other guys beckoning-call . It was essentially me and them.

Nevertheless, I eventually came to the conclusion that there was never any raises to begin with and started to apply at other similar jobs, but for other companies. The first company I applied to, I stated that I was having troubles with the corporate culture at X company and thought that it was toxic. Furthermore, I stated that I was looking for a company that would take my past experience and education into perspective when trying to find a job for me down the road.

Not even 16 hours later I got called into the superintendents office, he stated that the company I applied to immediately forwarded my application to their HR department and they fired me. He didn't even ask me why I thought their corporate culture was toxic, he just fired me and that was that. In the process he also made sure that he destroyed any chance for me to get a job at the new company and also has went out of his way to make sure I couldn't get another job in road construction. You would think invading my privacy and bullying me would be enough, but I guess not.

That's where I need your help. I was just starting to get back on track - it is a seasonal job, so you only have work 6 months a year. I would like to hire a solicitor to sue the company I applied to for breech of privacy- there has to be some law that states that you cant share applicants information with whatever third party you want. My take of the situation was, that the HR heads in each company were friends. Even if I can get this company fined, I know that privacy laws are highly safeguarded in Canada, that would be vindication enough for me.

I also want to sue the company I was working for termination without cause. As far as I know, you cant fire someone for expressing an opinion about something to an independent third party. You also cant fire someone for exercising their right to find a better job. Was I suppose to keep taking the abuse for the betterment of the company? The person who verbally attacked me on my 4th day of work- who had a history of attacking people, was allowed to continue working. The operator who attacked me as well weeks later, wasn't even reprimanded. The operator on paving who rolled a $100k piece of equipment who shows up to work high everyday, was waived of all responsibility and didn't even need to take a drug test - because everyone knew that he would fail, was able to continue working because he was Mr.Cool and everyone liked him. But here am I, tiring to stick up for myself, fired because I expressed an opinion. Outcast from the entire paving industry, because I wouldn't submit.

PLEASE HELP ME, STEEM DONATIONS CAN BE TRANSFERED INTO FIAT SO CAN BITCOIN DONATIONS. The lawyer I currently approached is looking for 5K CAD retainer due to the complexity of the situation and considering that there are two parties involved.


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Hey! I'm not sure if you remember me but what amazing timing! I was just thinking about how you've been MIA for a while.

I read your post and what has happened to you is absolutely not alright in any society. However, I doubt you'll get any donations here, especially on a post with no proof or anything.

I think your best case to push this forward is getting some proof, any proof you can think of. Making another article, perhaps with some pictures of you, your situation and other stuff like that. Contacting some high power Steemians (whales) and getting them to help you promote your case.

Good luck!


I hear you. I just think that my story is a little too well developed to be a tall-tale. Nevertheless, I am sure everyone has there own share of challenges. I could try to talk to some whales, however in the same breath, I could also just forget about what happened and move on. My whole life I have been a target for bullies and abuse, sadly that is what happens when you are a people pleaser and a push over. No one likes anyone who is visibly different and with neurofibromatosis, that is something I cant hide.

Sadly, some of us have to carry a heavier burden than others. Steem and other social media platforms have taught me that pain and suffering is subjective and that one persons misery, could mean nothing to another person. Thank you for the advice and thank you even more for thinking about where the hell I was lol :)

P.S I really never expected to raise anything for steem, like time past, I just used steem as an outlet to vent my frustration. The general population cares less about a single, white disabled man than they do about having a colonoscopy or an enema.

I regret that they are abusing your person and it hurts a lot what is happening to you.
But I think that if you publish photos of what is happening to you with a sample of your problem, you receive support on form of an upvote.
I sympathize with you and I leave my vote in this publication, I hope that helps in something, I also gave you resteem. society is bad on many levels, I am from venezuela and I am suffering many injustices and vexations just like you but at other levels.


First world problems I guess. My prays are with you and everyone in Venezuela. I know my problems cant hold a candle to yours, but everyone has the right to work without being abused. Good Luck and god bless


Thank you, I hope that this storm in your life happens soon and everything improves. If there's a job you can do, I'll be informing you, brother.

Peace and encouragement.

The whole situation sucks. In the future when applying for a job, never slam your previous or current employers. It’s a red flag that you’ll be a difficult employee and it will cost you jobs, even if you’re completely in the right. Not fair, but it’s true. Does Canada have an employment website like the States? I mean, a government run site that states all of the laws and workers rights? I’d start there and see if there is a phone number so you could get some information.