My Motorcycle Helmet!! Mini Review :)

in helmet •  10 months ago

Hello!! Today I will talk to you about my favorite helmet!! First I want to say that I bought it a year ago for 150€ I wear it always because it offers protection and because i like it!! I have it in large number , is very nice for me and it gives me great comfort, from endurance I can not tell you if it's good because it has not fallen , one of the favorite features is the brown glass that it has because it protects me from the strong sun of Greece!! Its worth? For me yes :)

if someone asks why I have such a helmet when I have a racing motorcycle my answer will be that helmet I bought it when I still did not have a racing motorcycle and because if you remove the white plastic it has on it is the same as all the other helmets :)
if someone wants to buy the same helmet is called LS2 Pioneer MX436 Trigger Solid White




Have a nice day!!

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oh my loed very nice helmet!Na prosexeis agori mou na min spaseis to kefali sou!