in #hello3 years ago

this is just a little note i was told to make to get me start bloging

i dont have anything to write about

why am i here?
my uncle wants to start a revolution and needs support

what do i do?
i use it like facebook and chat with family i get email alerts to comments.

now i am going back to my game.



great bunch of nuts

welcome to the family

or is that great. bunch of nuts lol

how does anyone keep track of the conversation here

I dont know how to explain that

Well done. I wouldnt know what to write in one

its not that hard, just start writing ans see what comes out

how do you know what to start writing about?

write about anything stuff you like things you do

just anything at all?

Anything, you can specialize after you get some experience

So write about Spencer? would that work?

Anything, you can
Specialize after you get
Some experience

                 - choco11oreo11

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

write about trucks

so whats your next topic?

we should all write one.

all write the same thing?

how do we decide what to write

write about,,,,,,, i have no idea

ok i am back what do I do again

you choose one.

I can choose one for you to write

I got a .05 sp boost from this post

yup you need to write another one

Yea he should write another so we can all see how to do it better I missed the last one

Chant. Write another write another

ok time to write one more then?

Ill think of a topic for you

ooh breaking the ice, good for you, well done on your blog

Grats Choco, the bravest of us all

lol, I got pushed

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