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How are you today?

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Refreshed and energized with mangoes

Got "The Name of the Wind" delivered from Amazon, so yes an exciting day!

smoking weed and hugging trees here in Colorado..


So far so good! Need to get my ass up and find something to eat

It's the weekend, there's football today (even though preseason sucks) but I'd say pretty damn good. How about yourself?

Yes i am fine dear. Today i bought my cow for the Eid

Hi dear i am good today.

Super great here in Switzerland!
Hope you are having a great day Bernie!

Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Yes dear I am fine today. Today weather is awesome. It's really great because of I am with my family

I am fine dear. have a good day

Yeah dear i am so good today. Because i am with my friend in a trip.

like a strawberry

today I feel good, and I participated in celebrating the day to commemorate the independence of the Indonesian state.

Hungry! Gonna go get breakfast.

I'm fine. Beautiful weather, blue sky and sun is shining

I feel lazy like a cat :) Watching the changes in the market and studying business on Youtube :D

NOt fine :'( how about you?


Then take a break bro with bananas🍌



I'm great! Recently I began to drastically correct my sleeping habits and that has helped me to feel much better. (I was sleeping several times a day but a couple of hours each time and I felt tired and in bad mood all the time)

Watching premier league games now. Cardiff Vs Newcastle

I'm still breathing so i can't complain.

fine and ready to go to a party!! and you?

Not as fine as you lol.....but I'm learning ;)

Pretty fine. Maybe I'll post something today.
How are you?

I'm fine

How about you ?

jumping with happiness, what about you?

I'm looking great man :)

Very tired..

I'm pretty good and enjoying the lovely weather here.

Ready for drink white rum at night.


I'm fucking good today.. Gonna watch chelsea and arsenal match soon, how abt you?

i am soo good dear. how about you ?

Hello good morning 🌊🌊🌊
Having a wonderful vacation at Niagara Falls 🏞🏞🏞

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i am so happy today with my hubby dear.

Hi, I'm doing great.

I'm fine and thank you. So how are you?

Sad.... My computer fried...

Too busy with working.

Not bad thankyou.. how's it going @berniesanders ?

Awesome day Bernie 😆

...is it me you're looking for ?

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Shittests day ever!

I am kind of Sick but am getting better :)

While how about you ?

Very well Bernie... finally I hit Rep 70! But as I can see, you too have accomplished that goal.

I am super cool as my internet started working after two days' misery.

I couldn't be better. It'd probably be illegal to be better.

I'm fine sir. And you how are you sir @berniesanders. I hope you enjoy a weekend.

I am glad it is weekend and I can lay down on my counch and watch "The Fall" 😬

Hi Barnie! I am fine. However, I am little sad because my posts don't get enough upvotes. 🔫 😈😈😈😈

Content with the photography, but aiming to take more this morning. Tallest in a thousand mountains, but still another is higher.

Not really well as I faced some failure today...

wasn't feeling the best at first, now it is starting to pick up, any big plans?
I just want to smoke chill relax I have a busy week coming up


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lil tricky today, greez from cancun, s. error

Magnanimous!!!! And you!

I am fine and visited hotel for lunch

Legs hurt from football that was last night, healthy life is rough. :D

Its been raining since yesterday here, hope we are all good?

Am fine and enjoying thisIMG_20180802_115532.jpg
delicious plate of rice, plantain and fried egg.
I trust you are doing great @berniesanders

Its heavy rain and flooding here in Kerala, India. 100s of people have been killed so far. Rescue operations are in full swing. However, still thousands are isolated and many are about to die of hunger and thirst. Overall, its not at all good here!

Congratulations @berniesanders!
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Hi, I'm fine, dear friend! and I hope that you also have a great day! :D

All good.

Not good at all. It's hot and Humid and I feel like Shit. I have a very low tolerance towards heat.

I hope you are having a Better Day than me.

I'm fine thanks! :)

Better than yesterday,
but not as good as I will be tomorrow!

Hi feeling tired and taking rest...

Tired enough. Taiji practice in the morning and long walk at a Night Festival.
One of the thing that happened there was...

What's up bernie?

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a post that is extraordinary, short but has a broad meaning.

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Hoy es un gran día para puesto que estoy a punto de alcanzar mis 160 días en Steemit y siento que he avanzado muy rápido, tan es así que ya llevo 52.9 de reputación, con votos completamente orgánicos, haciendo buen contenido y comentando post como el tuyo.
Gracias por la oportunidad de mostrar nuestro contenido y el apoyo que brindas a los pequeños pececitos en esta plataforma
Today is a great day for me as I am about to reach my 160 days in Steemit and I feel that I have advanced very fast, so I have a reputation of 52.9, with completely organic votes, making good content and commenting post like yours.
Thanks for the opportunity to show our content and the support you give to the little fish on this platform
Thanks for the opportunity to show our content and the support you give to the little fish on this platform
@berniesanders Again...

Not bad, not bad. I'm in the middle of a four day weekend as I'm scheduled off on Monday to keep my hours on the clock down and I took a day off yesterday to go out to a play with my family and a bunch of friends. How've you been? It's nice to see another oldskool Steemian still active. (Granted, I'm not usually very active anymore.)

It's been raining since morning and I'm so cold. Hope u're cool @bernie?

Great. Will sleep now.. 😴

Doing well getting ready to fly from Denver to LA for a weekend of party.

I'm doing fine... glad someone cares!

Not to good since my youngest child woke up before 7 AM, while I wanted to get lots of sleep on my holiday.

Hello sir @berniesanders. I am fine and having a good coffee time. Have a great weekend sir. Thank you. Take care.


damn parking lot re-surfacing - these guys showed up a f***in 6 o-clock and woke me up - gonna be a pissy day today

Who says there is a rules for posting length? I can agree that we dont need that much length. Conversation is more important.

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