Why doesn’t @ned use the network he created?

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Other than cashing out, @ned is barely active on Steemit/Steem.  He doesn’t speak at conferences, and does literally nothing to make Steem more relevant in the cryptosphere. 

Does anyone know what @ned actually does???

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There we are....
Be patient until 11/11/2018
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hahaha everyone go to @steemfest and maybe i say maybe @ned will solve all your questions!!

it will be an one time only appearance, then you have to wait one year again!

Ned is doing what most major developers/businessmen do... ride the wave and profit as much as he can until he drops his next project. Who know what it will be, but its a shame that Steemit hasn't really improved in the past few months.

Past few months. Try last two years.

yeah most certainly... the Third party sites are getting better, naturally, but it really seems like Steem is falling off the radar... People were so hopeful of it being a permanent top coin, but its been staying within the mid top 100, while not really innovating as much. I'm confident in the coins performance (fiscally) but the Steemit site itself isn't really interesting me anymore nor the network as a whole. I'll admit the quality of my content is facebook level crap... lol

I know one thing he does do:


I didn't know he supported Bernie Sanders.... Ew.



@ned might be a staunch Trump supporter given the wealth he has now

You never know!

Exactly lol

Well starting from today everybody in the (crypto) world at least knows what you are doing :-)

According to Coindesk you are an institution on the blockchain-based blogging platform Steemit, how does that make you feel?


Well, it’s more publicity than “I” have ever gotten and wouldn’t have been published if there wasn’t some value to it.

even your "shitposts" are valuable. sure the majority of the reward is self vote but I self vote too, its like another form of "interest" on our steem power investment that we have to action.

also you don't pay for commenters, your mere "brand" riles up a crowd all hoping to watch some shit go down... the sheep love drama...and drama is a very profitable industry ... keep the fun going!

He should be passing out large upvotes daily..


Hi my friend Bernie, i know you have never any fear, but he is holding over 3 billions dollars value account in Steemit and he is Ceo of it, you do not think is enough to say he is one of us? Maybe he is not doing too much for community, but at the same i do not find if he is selling million dollars of Steem...

He cashed out millions of dollars with who knows how many fake accounts,and left for other projects.That's business.I can't blame him,because very probably i would do the same.

Did Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg do the same. No they did not cash out they built there ideas into Millions and more.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

He's busy negotiating deals with large and established online retailers for using Steem as their first accepted cryptocurrency, thus making Steem usable and famous.

Just kidding; he's actually busy delegating some Steem to his hair and selling the rest.

Yep, I asked the same question in a discussion yesterday. It's bizarre that the last time he posted was him playing guitar over a month ago...

May be he is busy promoting steemit.

Steemit has literally never had any promotion. Wrong.

I do not know one thing about this ned guy except that he recently pulled his large delegation from @surpassinggoogle. This has been a widespread tragedy over the last weeks as @surpassinggoogle helps minnows 24/7 and has all kinds of tags he developed, nurtures and supports.

Anyone can pull a delegation at any time and - thanks ned for the time you had it there. I hope you have a better place for this money, but I cannot imagine what it would be if you want minnows to succeed here.

I was late to this party and do not know the ned story at all beyond that issue. I have never seen any post or comment from ned in the 1.5 years I have been here. I am not saying he hasn't posted, but I have not seen it if he has.

Why do I post on a headless platform and watch people jump ship day after day? I have no idea...


Well I think he is busy making some French fries. Perhaps doing the shuffle dance💃. Hahahahahaha

Took the money and run, it seems.

Takes big Steeming shits mostly, has a lot of it I would think.

I still see him on Twitter ... of all freaking places. Believe it or not. That doesn't translate at all though to the decentralized world of either blockchain or federation, though he's still around. doing what, God and Goddess only know.

Is he talking about Steem or other shitcoins he’s “advising” on?

He does not RT steemers or talk about steemit and this I know for a fact since I am very active over there and have 350 steemers on my twitlist - he is one of them.

I don't pay that much attention to him, but from what I've seen, it's not about this. It's almost as if he's moved on already. Which is sad, to be honest. Considering he's the CEO. Him of all people, should be keeping all of his eyes on

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Maybe he is shy since his feelers got bent over his hair?

First satoshi nakamoto. Now @ned. There’s a trend forming.

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@berniesanders quickly edited up something, which seems apt, to your blog 115313-gdzie-jest-wally.jpg


HELLO friend, many people of great relevance in steemit, shine for their absence, do not have a very specific activity with the page, they simply have people working on their comments, and in this way sepierde the authenticity of the user and his way of viewing this platform , they just invest and go on vacation, I do not really see the meaning of this way of working in our community, since the emotion is in interacting with others. Greetings friend.

Surely he went on a trip to an island in the Caribbean and is very busy with his new romance, which does not give him time to see the page of steemit, very busy hahahaha. Sometimes the desire is stronger than the internet network.

He does.....
Strippers and coke


Maybe that's also part of the plan to wait and start with that stuff after HF 20? I hope that's how it is...

he can't do 2 things at a time, you know it's proven that multitasking is actually bad for ourselves so he is apparently spending his time in Keto diet!

Low ROI?

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I've often wondered the same thing myself. Kinda feel like we've put our blood, sweat and tears into it and got left holding an empty bag.

We must be very patient.

Is @ned trending?

this is one of the best posts you made.. NO I DONT KNOW. maybe he is practicing for the Voice of USA

I guess this steemfest will really prove what he's been doing, since he'll be present and well I'll be hoping he explains his plan for steemit and STEEM

Hi Bernie,

He is doing what any investor / businessman would do in his position and its earning him a very high passive income. ask yourself this

would you do any work if you had billion dollars in account and get millions each day without even doing anything ?

that's what @ned and the other whales are doing i think

None Existant Developer.


Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-23 um 21.04.56.png

He could've helped raise some money for the Steemfest with his considerable upvote! And it wouldn't have cost him literally nothing... Better than ask minnows pay hundreds of dollars to attend. Just sayin...

You have made a strong point here, he can single handedly sponsor steemit users to steemfest, but he has showed no concerns at all.. It is really not encouraging at all

steemit inc is sponsoring steemfest so
your comment i have to invalidate.

Okay, but I haven't really seen any proof of that. Just like @papa-pepper, I need proof! And if you could get me a ticket somehow, I would appreciate it.

sorry i do not understand what proof do you need? since v1 steemit inc sponsors the event. im organising the event and im not making sponsors up. they are listed on steemfest.com.

you can even find the big giveaway on the steem
chain funded by steemit inc during v1 of steemfest (somtehting like 1300 steem per attendee)

about steemfest tickets: u can obtain them on the website. if you are referring to free tickets, please follow my updates which always summarize ongoing give-away competitions and i think there are more to come for changes to win free tickets.

Well, I think steemfest is a waste of time, so I don’t blame him.

lol - in person meetups are good no matter what. Just even so we know each other for later when this place fails. Not that I would ever go to Poland in November.

Other than have his hair fluffed, I am not sure.

He finds us embarrassing.

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There was a time he said he's updating users via @steemitblog not necessary to use his personal account .
What do you think ?

I think he pays some college kid to write once in a while.

doing nothing into nothing, thats the tactic. and use the $$$ for selling his stake.

Damn good question.