Heelys: The Perfect Skate Shoe for Everyone

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Heelys Skate Shoes

What would you think about a shoe that can instantly turn into an inline skate? Would you think it was futuristic or a great invention? Well guess what- it’s already been invented. Skate shoes are the ultimate ride. These fun skate shoes are also called heelys, heelies or heeleys, but whatever you call them, you’re in for a ride when you put on a pair. 

Heelies: The Ultimate Ride

Heelies are sneakers or athletic shoes with a tiny, hard plastic wheel in the heel of each shoe that that allow the wearer to get a running start, lift their toes, and take a ride on their heely wheels. They combine all of the fun of inline skating or rollerblading with the ease and practicality of a pair of athletic shoes. As a shoe, heelies carry you through your day like any other shoe, and with the simple attachment of the wheels, you can have instant transportation home. Most heelies have removable wheels making them retractable roller shoes. The transition from shoe to skate shoe is easy. 

Heelies: Perfect for Everyone

The heelie wheels may be singular (1-wheeled) or dual (2-wheels). See the images to the right. The heely skate shoes are available in an assortment of sizes, colors, and styles and are perfect for both young and old alike and for people of all skill levels. If you are just learning how to skate with heelys, you will find that practice will have you rolling along in no time at all. The more you wear your heelys the more advanced you will become. Soon, you will be spinning 360’s and performing skating tricks on your heelys skate shoes. 

Heeleys for Fitness

Children love heeleys, and they are an immediate source of fitness wherever the child is: arena, walk to the park, or even at the mall. They are a wonderful hobby and help get young children out of the house and enjoying an active lifestyle. Today, many kids are suffering from obesity and are not exercising enough. Heelies are a great way to encourage activity in younger children. By wearing heelys, the kids already have their skate equipment with them, making exercising an easy, fun, and attainable goal. Of course heelys aren't just for kids anymore. Adult roller shoes are rapidly increasing in popularity. I don't have a pair yet, but who knows, they may be next on my list. Heelies has bridged the gap between practicality and athletics and have created a product that everyone can enjoy.  

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