Health- why we running away?

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Health- An utmost important part to live our life happily. People do say, we are dependent on others. It might be true. But a healthy person can live independently. He doesn't require any support from others. He is in the position to live his life happily and in a relax way. Where as an unhealthy person is dependent on other's efforts. His bread and butter come from any other person sweat.
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There is an old saying- An apple in a day keeps a doctor away. The problem with us is that we know everything but don't implement on us. We can give an hour lecture on how to stay healthy but refuses to adopt those ways. With every single technical innovation, we are becoming lazy. What ever comes in our way, we consume everything. Might be anything from burger to all oily things. And with latest gadgets we spend our entire day. No physical exercise we do. We play lots of games but on laptop or mobile. We forget how we designing a beautiful hell for ourselves.
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We are living in affected environment. The food we consume is contaminated. The air we breathe is full of dust and dirt. Air contains poisonous elements. All the chemical and waste material are dumped in the river. By doing this we are polluting our rivers. So the question is why we are building such a vicious circle for us? Are we not happy with ourselves?
I hope no one wants to leave at the dirty place. But still we are doing. We are doing it continuously and knowingly.

Sometimes people say, we are healthy. I asked how? They said, we eat healthy food, daily we do exercise and drink healthy water. Are you sure by doing this we can stay healthy. I don't think so. When air is polluted, when adulteration is there in food and Milk and in Juices. And by consuming these things, how can we stay healthy? There is only one way to keep healthy- Clean yourself and your surrounding. images (2).jpg
Clean earth green earth is the only way to live healthy. I agreed, exercise is important to stay fit. But the air we are inhaling should be pure.
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Our mind should also be clean apart from physical fitness. Do plantation of more and more number of trees and please do more and more fitness exercise. Keep your society neat and clean. The apple we eat must be urea free. If any farmer is reading this, please don't use any pesticide chemical in field. It deteriorates the health of an individual.

Live healthy and eat healthy. Keep away from drugs and all tobacco products. Drink More and more Milk and eat lots of green vegetables. Please you can share your views on the same. images (4).jpg

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