Some unwieldy habits can cause fatal damage to the brain

in healthtips •  2 months ago

we don't have the end of research. We've read various reports about the brain. But we don't have to speculate on what caused the brain to be damaged.

We know the brain is the first and foremost task of managing our bodies. We'll become a jorpadartha without brains. We have to rely on the brain for all our activities. It is also an avasgulo to avoid the feeling that your brain is taking. Get to know what's wrong with every day you karchene-# insomnia, junk food, physical nishkriytasasha may harm your brain in several glitches.

so you have to take care of these points for a refreshing and healthy brain.

Extra sugar should leave the habit of eating unwieldy. Thakei use of sugar in everyday food. The lack of nutrients and protein in our bodies is due to excessive sugar juice. Too much sugar ebnpusteer the ability to absorb the brain's proteins especially in the body. That causes brain newron and cells to stop increasing, not improving the brain. This could have a huge impact on our brains. So you have to reduce the amount of sugar eaten.

You have to leave a habit of eating too much. Because many of us have ekbela food to eat more than once in the next morning. It is as bad as the body, Totutai can be more serious for the brain. This is because the Hoot hut Chomok can increase the sugarasah of other nutrients in the body at once by eating extra. It Uphira hard in the vein of the brain. That causes the brain to lose normal performance.

less sleep than quantity. Like other cells of our body, brain cells also get are damaged due to various factors. The damage is brain overcompensating only during sleep. So you can suffer mental depression because of less sleep. Your brain may shrink in the future due to less sleep per day. If you do not sleep well for two days, your work in office or home will be reduced.

have to give up the habit of not having breakfast in the morning. Because many people are oblivious to the morning breakfast. However, when we stopped all night, our bodies inside stopped. If you do not have breakfast in the morning, there is a shortage of sugar. The essential nutrients in it are tied to reaching the brain. The brain cannot act like that. It also reduces brain performance.

Smoking and drinking as bad habits. Smoking and drinking are both seriously damaging practices for the brain. Especially the curse of the smoking brain. The Shiraupashira of the brain is narrowed because of smoking. The Sarbaraho of nutrients, blood, oxygen, etc. are not accurate. In it the brain suffers from serious harm like loper in memory.

leave the habit of eating extra junk food. Another English name Fustphuder is Junkfud. This junkfud is harmful to both your brain and your heart. Processed, Mosladar Junkfud will slowly disable your brain cells. So avoid these junkfud.

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