how to save yourself from heat stroke

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A familiar term for everyone in this summer is a heatstroke. Do you know what is a heatstroke? And what is the reason for the heatstroke? What is the way to survival from the heatstroke?

Heatstroke can occur due to heavy heat stroke or long walks between sunsets. Our body has a normal temperature, when it crosses, it can be a heatstroke. When the temperature of the humanbody exceeds 105 degrees Fahrenheit, it is a heatstroke . Because of the heatstroke, people can lose knowledge instantly, in this situation the sweat stops, and even death may be due to the heating stroke.

When you see the symptoms, you or your friend may have heat strokes or you may be:


  • When the sweat is stopped suddenly, despite the hot heat.
  • Get out of breath very fast.
  • Suddenly seeing mustard flowers in the eyes.
  • Suddenly relaxing in the head is relaxing
  • The abnormal heart rate starts inside the pulse.
  • Start the venture.
  • Talking out loud
  • Reduce blood pressure suddenly

Heatstroke has to do, whatever it is:


  • Take the infected person to the shady or cool place.
  • Towel or cotton cloth dissolve the body as soon as possible.
  • Drink cold water, beverage, or saline.
  • If they lose sense take them to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Heatstroke to save:


  • Drink at least 4 liters of water per day
  • Take a bath regularly with plenty of water.
  • Use the umbrella when leaving the sunlight.
  • Avoid foods containing fat or high-cholesterol.
  • Keep fresh fruits and vegetables every day in the food menu.

Stay Safe From Heatstroke On This Hot summer season

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Very nice and informative articles. And I personally thank you for posting it in this forum.
Heat strock is very dangerous. Your described post will help many people understanding how to deal with it.
Thanks for this interesting and educational post.
Please do post such more important post again & again.

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