Egg: better option for a healthy life!

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Two types of people are found throughout the world. An egg lover and an egg rage. A group of people can not live without eating eggs. And some groups do not like eggs or do not eat eggs because of high pressure, cholesterol. But do you know how useful for a person is eating at least one egg every day?


It does not seem to have anything else in this world except for the cheap and nutritious food egg. In the developed countries 280 to 310 eggs are consumed per year. Eggs are the companions for many in there's dinner plates. There are vitamins A, E, D, B12, B6 in the egg. Also Calorie, Protein, Carbohydrate, Thiamin, Cologne, Iron, Zinc etc. This is very important for the human body.

Why should we eat eggs every day:

Egg yolk is very useful for brain development. The yellow part of the egg has colin. Regular eating egg decrease the risk of heart disease. The calcareous egg in the egg yolk is 'emulsifaed fat', the lace in the egg yolk is digested in the body and fully utilizes it. So the bad cholesterol got decreases in the blood. Eggs contain colon. Which is very necessary for the development of the brain during frown. Pregnant women are said to eat eggs. At this time, colin was reduced to women's body. Eggs fill the atmosphere of colon easily.


The role of egg in the nutrition and development of children is important. Child can eat eggs after the age of 8 months. At first, boiled egg yolk, then slowly eat whole eggs. In addition, vitamin A, E, increases the amount of D. which is important for the health of the baby. In childhood, if the body gets adequate vitamin D, then there is no possibility of diabetes. A woman needs 900 microgram vitamins for a day. 700 microgram for men. Having a whole egg gives vitamin B vitamins like 75 micrograms. It's true thet egg white has more protein, but do not leave the yellow part of the egg. In egg yolk there's a 99 percent of junk, 90 percent calcium, 95 percent of folate, 43 percent protein. Which is needed for the body. On the other hand, egg white has protein, magnesium, potassium and riboflavin. Because the white part of the egg contains more protein, the chemotherapeutic patients are said to eat a lot of white part.


Egg gets fat, it's not correct. Rather than eating yolk with eggs, it becomes lean. Egg makes weight reduces. Coronary heart disease, or susceptible to disorder-related diseases in the arterial circle, Egg reduce it's risk. Eggs do not harm diabetics. Besides, eggs are useful for skin nutrition and hair nutritis. The egg white part is beneficial for the eyes.

There is no doubt about the eggs that are beneficial for health.

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one of my favorite ingredients for protein!

Very informative and interesting. I am an eggetarian.

Wow well detailed information about the benefits of eggs . Although vegetarians can have a very nice substitute, however, to we--non vegans--it's a great advantage. Thanks for sharing @zaku


There is a difference between vegetarians and vegans. Vegetarians eat eggs, us vegans don't.

You have a minor typo in the following sentence:

It's true thet egg white has more protein, but do not leave the yellow part of the egg.
It should be they instead of thet.

Sorry but I have to dissagree with the complete post. Eggs contribute to coronary heart disease. Animal protein (all forms, including meat and dairy) increase your IGF-1 which feeds potential cancer cells in your body, and we all have those. Chickens are also abused in the process, especially because 99% of eggs come from caged hens. Even if they are 'free range', meaning crammed together in dark rooms, they suffer and live much shorter lives than they would normally. And even if you keep them in your back yard, male chicks are killed because they are not needed. In the industry, they grind the male chicks alive - is that humane? No.
And, eggs are chicken period. Their period, yes. Yum?

at least 2 eggs a day , its very healthy

ahhhhh yummy

The egg is an excellent food rich in proteins, it is true what you mention in the post, there is a group of people who love egg and another who is against daily consumption with health arguments, however, there are consultations that explain the benefits of egg and apparently the advantages are more than the problems.

There are orchestrated efforts made to demonize eggs. Propaganda films like What The Health make ridiculous claims such as comparing the consumption of eggs to smoking cigarettes. There is a clear agenda by people who make media like that, and that agenda is to get people to go vegan. It's not about health or the nvironment, those are just tools used to make the arguments seem less ridiculous.


They are not propaganda, they are just sharing the TRUTH. Meat and dairy industry have their propaganda that kills people. Veganism is the best choice one can make, for their own health, for the planet (environment) and for other living beings. Nobody has to suffer.

Its true egg is very useful to our health 😊

From now henceforth, i will not fail in eating at least 1 egg/day! Informative post!!


Please don't believe everything you read on the internet. Read some actual scientific data first.


Noted! Thanks @iloveyoga!!

Most of the eggs are not natural right now. You know many chickens are in the farm not walking much and feeding a correct nutrients.
Finding village chicken egg is better for health.
Some technlology companies produced eggs without chicken (freaking out when heard something like that)
To get all benefits, you should find proper egg guys.
(reminding for your health).

Intersting blog!

Congratulation zaku vi for yourEgg: better option for a healthy life! is very nicebutterflies-3524415__340.jpg