Whats the Best Way to Reduce Blood Sugar?

in health •  6 months ago

Hugh blood sugar commonly known as Diabetes. If not controlled or monitor properly many complication may arise.
It is therefore, very important to keep blood sugar levels in target range so as to reduce the risk of diabetes complications and improve your quality of life. Followings are step which can help to reduce the blood sugar level:-
Exercise: Exercise consumes the blood sugar and thus the lowers the sugar level.
Carbohydrates: For high blood sugar it is advised to reduce the intake of carbohydrates.
Fiber: Increase the intake of fiber diets as it take time to digest, so helps to maintain the sugar level.
Water: High sugar patients are advised to stay hydrated so as to maintain the bold sugar level.
Stress: Stress also effects the sugar levels, so try to have stress management.
Monitor: It is very necessary for high sugar patients to regularly monitor the sugar level.
Medicine: High sugar patients should regularly visit to their doctor and take the advised medicine regularly as per doctor’s prescription.

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