Vampire Breastlift, What's it All About ?

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 If your breast skin color is graying more as a result of reduced blood flow, or the breast shape is collapsing or drooping, or is rapidly aging, or experiencing inverted nipples, or wrinkling crate-paper skin around the cleavage spot; you need the perfect Vampire Breastlift NJ treatment to make it right so you can revitalize your breasts and make them perky and sexy again. 

Vampire Breastlift NJ Procedure: 

The physician will first assess your breast shape and check properly - positions where the shape can be well improved to generate younger, more attractive look. 

The physician will then prepare platelet-derived growth factors for injection. 

First an FDA approved filler is strategically injected in to the cleavage area over which PRP is layered. Once the growth factors, which are taken from the patient’s blood, are injected into the breast, highly potent stem cells become stimulated – growing new tissue in the process. This particular new tissue comprises new fatty tissue, collagen, & fresh blood vessels that results to outstanding healthy glow. This might take several weeks to months. 

It is these growth factors, which are injected into the patient’s breast that help boost collagen, new blood flow and rejuvenate new skin. 

After numbing the area with a topical cream, the physician will inject the patient's own PRP growth factors into her breast in a specific mode. The growth factors then stimulate multi-potent stem cells which are already within the skin (making them think there has been an injury and that new tissue should be generated). 

The highly potent stem cells recognizing this action - then advances into new collagen, new blood vessels, and new fatty tissue - all in the bid to repair the skin and breast tissue which was actually not injured in the first place. 

What does the patient get? The candidate for Vampire Breastlift experiences younger looking cleavage and enhanced volume of fatty tissue. 

This result can last for up to 2 years or longer!  

While this treatment is great and outstanding, we would like to say that the Vampire Breastlift therapy isn’t for everyone, and if you are looking at increasing your breast cup size, you may have to consider other surgery options.   

You can speak with an expert at Anara Medspa to find out if Vampire Breastlift is the right choice for your current beauty needs! 

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