Testing salts, deadly harmful for health.

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Many of the testing salts are used for food, to increase taste. In this regard, scientists say, testing slurts made from chemical ingredients called monosodium glutamate or MSG, are harmful for nervous system. There are risks of many complex diseases, there is no nutritional value in it.

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Experts say nerve-poison of testing salts. It creates such conditions in the brain to stimulate the brain, it seems that the food is very tasty. The World Health Organization reports a few years ago with symptoms of neurological illness, named 'Chinese Restaurant Syndrome'. Testing salts poison the central nervous system by entering the human body. As a result, the nervous system can not function properly. The mood becomes irritable. Sleep is less. The person who is infected needs normal food disadvantage.

The scientists of testing salts have been called stimulant poison. Regular monitoring of users in the field of headaches, seizures, hormones dislocation, psychosis, less attention to education in children's field. Signs of excessive panic, sudden jerk, fatigue, etc. can occur. People with asthma may experience breathing in the testing salts. It also increases the risk of cancer in the brain. Testing salts have been banned in some countries of the world.

In 1908, Japanese chemist and researcher at Tokyo Imperial University invented the Kikunie Iketa testing salt. At that time, it became popular in the US market and later as a food scent manufacturer in China. But currently the testing salts in China have been banned. Recently, a food security officer in Barabanki area of ​​Uttar Pradesh, India, has proven to be a food scarcity test for a multinational company after getting evidence of it. Then the government was forced to ban that multinational company. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing salts are not yet banned. Not even banned in Europe.details click here

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yeah, right. Testing sault is very harmful.

Thank you very much for this post :) This really Helps!! thank you for sharing :) More power to you !!

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