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We all love to eat, right? Especially junk food. Yeah, a few people can be different but mostly we all are in the same boat. Maybe that's why the amount of 'weight loss' search on Google is always high. But we can make ourselves happy by eating food. You heard it correct if we can follow a process we really can eat whatever we want.

I was not into a strict diet ever and there's no change in the near future that I will be. So what I do to live healthily is following a food pyramid. I'm not sure if you have heard about it or not but it's a very easy process. I'm sharing an image to help you understand better what I meant by the food pyramid and how can you build your own pyramid.


You see eating a lot of vegetables and less junk food. This certainly doesn't mention that you have to skip every kind of junks but you can lower the intake rate that's it. If we can manage to plan our diet as per this image I hope this gonna help us a lot to live a healthy life. And moreover eating healthy.

As I have said earlier, feeling happy is important. And earing can be a good measure to make ourselves feel happy. So skipping our favorite food is not my option. Rather we can eat a lot more other healthy food to make it balance. It's not all about our mood if we can follow the food pyramid we will feel better physically for sure.

I hope it helps a bit!

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