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In this messed world nothing makes me more happier than seeing a healthy family living life filled with love, not only for their family but for food, health, animals, and the planet.

I wanted to share my biggest inspiration Ellen Fisher.
She’s a super mindful mama who lives in Hawaii with her husband and two kids (cutest I have seen, seriously!) and offers many many tips on veganism, raw recipes and gentle parenting.

It's just so fascinating to watch their lives
which is totally different from mine, but it makes you feel comfortable just to watch them show how/where they hangout with friends and family and eat fruit all day, everything just seem like a total dream but without looking like a setup. Also I think she's a great and rational mom providing her kids a really great life...and her videos are really loverable to watch and super interesting, even to non vegans look forward to her videos.

If you are having a bad day do yourself a favour and watch at least just one video or one of her podcasts, it will definitely make you feel in a better mood.

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