Mindful Monday - First time kayaking with my twin sister and my three year old niece

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This morning, after finishing my second coffee and a breakfast of yogurt with muesli, grated coconut, apple and wild honey, my twin sister asked me if I felt like going on a boat trip with my three year old niece and her. It was an easy question to answer.

I definitely felt like it. In fact, I had been thinking of kayaking for a while, especially since my brother in law and a friend of his had gone on a test drive last Friday (see the picture above this post).

A little later, the three of us headed down towards the river, carrying a tiny bag with some fruit and a bottle of water.

My twin sister and I paddled for about half an hour and it probably took us as much time to get to the boat and return to the house. It was a very peaceful pastime that reminded us of the hundreds of (rubber) boat trips that we made in the past, as kids in the waters of the town that we grew up in, Gouda.

It's now 25 to 30 years later and both of us are living in Portugal. There's a three year old sitting in the middle of the boat, wearing an oversized life vest. She seems to be enjoying most of the trip, until the size of the life vest starts to bother her and she disappears inside it, making my sister tell her to wear it the right way, to be safe, making the little one grumpy and making me smile.

The kayak is sliding soundlessly through the river that is bordering my sister's land. We pass two swans, the king and queen of the river, three ducks, some sunken trees, loads of green fields and a pretty cool ruin that we never saw from this close by.

My sister and I then turn the boat around and return to the riverbank at the edge of their land, the same place where we entered the water. Parking the kayak without a rope takes some time, I need all the muscle strength in my legs to not drop my niece in the water and make sure that I don't fall into the river myself. I am doing a split ( with one leg in the kayak and another on the riverbank ) to add some yoga to my morning workout. I know I'm not the most acrobatic person in Portugal but I manage to keep my niece and myself dry.

It was fun, easily the best fitness that you can wish for. A very peaceful hour in nature, spent with two people I love. Ideal weather with temperatures in the low twenties ( Celsius ), sun and plenty of shadow, a calm breeze blowing over the water, the only mosquitoes we see aren't bothering us and there's no neigbors complaining about the kayak disturbing 'their' swans ( this happened last Friday ).

I guess you understand that I am already looking forward to my next boat trip. Not sure who will be in the boat with me that time. Perhaps my 5 year old nephew, Miko? My little friend are you up for that?

I felt this experience fitted the #mindfulmonday tag. The kayaking easily beat the 10 minutes of meditation earlier in the morning.

I have no pictures of our boat trip as we didn't take our phones along. Not just to avoid the risk of them dropping in the water but also because I wanted to just be in the moment.

How did you spend your Monday? Any mindful moments that you feel like sharing? :>)

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low budget eco-cruise in Portugal...


Zo zou je het inderdaad kunnen omschrijven, haha!



Vincent this absolutely fits. Isn't it amazing how you can be so in the moment with the people that you love and the sky above. It is like that is the truest thing in all the world and nothing else matters but that moment full stop reading this I can feel the peacefulness of your day. Much love xx

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And a peaceful day it was. I'm happy to have been able to spread some of that peace onto people like you.

Um abraço grande back at ya! :>)

Sounds like fun! Niece would have been adorable turtling in the life jacket but yeh not very safe 🤣

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Yes and no, she's more adorable when you see her cute little face with big blue eyes, little teeth and long curly hair :>)

Just imagining the scenery feels so good.. :-)

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cheers, although I'd prefer a savoury snack next time ;>)

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