Royal College of Physicians has concluded that e-cigarettes are beneficial to public health

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A new report from the RCP recommends that smokers should be encouraged to make the switch to vaping.

This has been one of the most positive global news stories about e-cigarettes since the PHE (Public Health England) released a report in 2015 stating that ‘vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking’ (

The report RCP ‘Nicotine without smoke: tobacco harm reduction’ was covered extensively across the mainstream media in the UK, here's our round-up of all the news…

E-cigarettes 'much less harmful than smoking and should be encouraged' – The Independent were one of the first to publish the story at midnight focussing on the health benefits:

Doctors body strongly promotes e-cigarettes as healthier alternative to smoking as EU rules make them weaker – We were surprised with The Telegraph’s take on the story which raised questions about the impending TPD / EU legislation that is going to massively affect the e-cigarette industry. The article looks at whether the TPD would create a ‘black market’ for the vape industry in the UK or would force vapers to return to smoking:

Doctors warn of big tobacco firms entering e-cigarette market – The Guardian also focused their coverage of the RCP report with concerns over a black market e-cigarette industry, a concern raised by the Department of Health:

E-cigs 'have huge health benefits' says doctor – BBC interviewed Dr Nick Hopkinson from RCP’s tobacco advisory group. If you watched the news unfold on BBC Breakfast on Thursday morning you would have seen a clip of our Hampstead vape shop (which was filmed last summer when reporting on the PHE report):

Smokers urged to switch to e-cigarettes by British Medical Group – It also made headlines in America, including this piece from the New York Times which states how the report is at odds with American medical groups on the benefits of vaping over smoking:

SKY News reports live from our Richmond Vape Shop! Presenter Joe Tidy reported live from Vape Emporium Richmond interviewing one of our vape consultants, Jack on all things vaping:

Smoker: 'E-cigarettes are a no-brainer’ – This clip from the Victoria Derbyshire show, aired on BBC Two, discusses the benefits of e-cigarettes with Dr John Britton from the RCP, Sarah Jakes from NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) and Joanna Miller from The City of London Stop Smoking Service:

Vaping: RCP e-cig report discussed on BBC Radio Newcastle:

E-cigarettes could boost UK health, headlines claim – The British Heart Foundation covered the story too with their own take on the media headlines and what stance the BHF take on the use of e-cigarettes: