Don't Know If the Flu Vaccines Work? That's OK, Neither Do the Manufacturers!

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Funny how so many are convinced that vaccines are essential for health - when in reality there have never been ANY properly controlled trials for major vaccines...

flu virus insert

Disgustingly, the justification given for the lack of proper SCIENCE regarding vaccines is that it would be unethical to do proper studies where some were not vaccinated.. because.. wait for it... some people would get sick due to not having the vaccines! Amazing! So they have decided that the vaccines work without scientifically sound testing and then use this imagined outcome as justification for not doing the testing!

"Excuse me, have you eaten your daily McDonalds happy meal today sir?"
"Erm, I don't eat fast food, it can make me ill..."
"Absurd! Of course it can't make you ill.. Now eat it up like a good boy."
"Well, what tests have been done to show that the food is safe?"
"We cannot possibly do full testing on this food because it is so healthy that if some people don't eat it, they may die!"

That's pretty much 'vaccine science logic' 101.

You can learn a lot more about the details here from a great presentation I posted about a while ago by Trevor Gunn.

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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Excellent post to spread the truth. There are neurotoxins added and some of the vaccines are made using human diploid cells (WI-38 and MRC-5). Look it up, you will be horrified! No wonder autoimmune disease have gone through the roof. Fragments of these cells are in the vaccines so immunity is generated against that too. Everyone, this is why I push independent thought so hard. Ask questions. Look things up for yourself. Know what your consenting to before you do! Remember, your doctor is an employee not an independent practitioner.


Every one seems to forget that it is "MEDICAL PRACTICE" Are they practicing on you?


Pretty much.

That insert picture is pure gold. Nice find!

My wife was complaining the other day how most of the pro vaccine people she gets into arguments always fall back on the old "vaccines are supported by science" argument, even though they have trouble pointing to anything specific. Stuff like this kind of blows a shot gun hole in that intellectually lazy argument.


Yes, it's like North Koreans justifying their hardships because their leader is God!
"Of course it's true, look that sign says it is true!" :/

"We cannot possibly do full testing on this food because it is so healthy that if some people don't eat it, they may die!"

"I made sure my children ate all of their McDonalds, did your children eat their McDonalds? Healthy McDonalds only works if everyone eats it! Obesity isn't caused by McDonalds. Only conspiracy theorists say McDonalds causes obesity. Everyone knows that McDonalds has been proven to be safe and effective."



Your sarcasm has been noted and the relevant authorities have been informed. lol

I am not surprised in the least.... The info on that leaflet should be shown to every person who receives that vaccine.
A disgusting abuse of Power, Persuasion and Contempt!
Give the people the info and let them decide.

So vaccines are not clinically tested to show that it truly cure flu disease , it is just presumption


Yes 🤥

Curated for #informationwar (by @openparadigm)
Relevance: Not one Double-Blind Study
Our Purpose

great to share. 100% like upvote and resteem

Flu virus is very dangerous. Good post about "FLU" virus vaccine. Thanks @ura-soul

Your post is featured in my Preppers' Curation Day- Weekly Edition 15 post today!

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Thanks for featuring it @goldendawne People really need to be informed of the truth behind the vaccines. So concise and powerful @ura-soul Having vaccine damaged children it's a passion of our family to warn others. If they would only listen this side of tragedy!!

It's obvious that you don't need a bunch of vaccines since corps just pour them out because it is profitable. And as long as those remain profitable, they will continue to do that. Thinking otherwise is being way too naive. When there were a global flu craze some years ago(media parroting deaths by it 24/7), I know how the people who took the vaccine shot had the most problems with it. Others? Not really.

But it's also bad to be 100% against all vaccines, as some people(refusing to give life-saving ones for their children), because there are some that actually work.


I guess I don't understand. If you think they are lying for profit on one vaccine, why would you think they are telling the truth on others? There aren't any studies, (not paid for by the ones who profit from it), that show ANY vaccines are effective. And to make them MANDATORY? That is pure criminal.

Either this or you have bill and melinda gates foundation using poor african kids as lab rats to test medicines.

Most of the results from the vaccines are simply placebo effects.


Most of the results
From the vaccines are simply
Placebo effects.

                 - skywater

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Why the flu vaccine is given?


This is too short a comment but ... 😶

Maybe I could extend it with OMG and WTF but that might be giving too much detail about the reading, appreciation and testing of this post.

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