2KG of Fat Lost After 2 Weeks Into A High Protein Vegan Diet! (Plus Some Extra Exercise)

in health •  6 months ago

As I mentioned a week ago, I have been exploring a high protein vegan diet recently and have added some extra exercise too. The result so far is good - I've lost 2 Kilograms of fat!

weight loss

So far this has not been so tough, once I got past the initial withdrawals from high carb intake and found more recipes that allow for high protein intake that are also vegan, I settled down. I went from eating large bowls of muesli in the morning to only 40g of muesli, with low carb yoghurt replacing nut milks. I am actually finding that this new breakfast bowl, along with berries and some almond flakes and coconut shreds is just as good if not better than my old breakfast.

Dinners are tending to involve a lot more tofu and tempeh (fermented tofu) and so far have been pretty good too - the only downside is that we are taking a lot more time to prepare food than I would usually need. The next step is to figure out how to make batches in advance, to cut down the total preparation time needed.

As far as exercise goes, I have been jogging a couple of miles every 2nd day and also walking more and doing some yoga here and there. I've also moved to a better gym so I am a bit more inspired to go there than I was before.

All of this combined has meant a drop of around 2KG of weight, which my body fat/muscle analysing scales say has been fat and that I have gained an amount of muscle.

Overall I feel a bit more balanced and would recommend the careful attention to detail of the type of calories we take in to everyone. So far, I do agree with some of the science/sports websites I have seen that state that gaining calories from protein is generally preferential to gaining calories from fat or carbohydrates - I feel more at peace and also stronger too.

I am aiming to drop another 2-3KG and then to reassess where to go next!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Wow that is a lot og weight loss, i still do not feel strong to jog though I am starting to cut carbs myself. Walking at least 10000 steps, still too many carbs on my dinner and portions too big.


With a vegan diet it is necessary to focus on high protein ingredients in order to lower the carbs since most vegan ingredients are high carb. This doesn't leave a whole lot of options, but it can definitely be done - if only for a few weeks to gain the benefits.

wow you did a great jobcongrats.gif

excellent idea

I wish you well with your workout and diet @ura-soul
You know if only I can be able not to eat I would do it but eating makes me both nourished and sick too and it is a problem I have a hard time managing.