How to remove constipation? Keep away the painful constipation in 7 ways.

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Constipation is such an embarrassing and painful problem that weigh everyone to read any time. There may be many reasons behind this. It may be due to food habits, jibancharcha, medicine or disease. Many people constipation in the trouble of eating extra meat during Eid.

When did you understand your constipation? He is not a constipation. But if there is less tinbarer in the week, he can be called a constipation. There may be petbatha and stomach phanpar as well. The problem is embarrassing, but many people feel very sick.

You can keep up with some preparation to avoid this problem. See 7 ways to keep constipation away.

  1. Drink more water-
    Summer should drink more water. Kosthakathinyau can easily be a lack of regular water in the body. You can drink a mild hot water if you see constipation. But definitely don't drink soft drinks or juice. The constipation may be more powerful.

  2. Eat fiber for more than-
    Besides drinking water, eat fibrous food. Like the hole-graene corn, vegetables, peanuts, shim, dal motorshunty, various fruits. These foods help evacuation. However, if you drink less water, the Hite will be the opposite and the fiber will increase your constipation. For this reason, drink enough water alongside the fiber.

  3. Make exercise-
    Science bigs differ on the impact of exercise on constipation. No one has any impact on constipation, some say it helps relieve constipation, some say it increases constipation! But it certainly helps reduce the kosthakathinjeet discomfort. Take care of the lack of water in the body because of exercise. If you don't want to do heavy exercise, try walking.

  4. Drink Coffee-
    There is quick evacuation when drinking coffee compared to water. So it helps the comateu of constipation.

  1. Eat Medicine-
    There are some available medicines that help reduce constipation. However, these must not be eaten regularly. The medicine can only be eaten if no other way is possible. It's good to be talking to the doctor first. You can also see the sherbet drink made with Esupguler roughage.
  1. Alubokhara Khan-
    At long time Alubokhara is advised to drink or consume its juice. It has a natural lactive that removes constipation. However, if you have a ibies problem, Alubokhara not feed good.
  1. Exclude milk and scrutinized food-
    Azerbaijanis can cause stomach problems and constipation in milk and food. In that case, you can exclude these foods from the food menu. But instead it must start eating another calcium rich.

There can be a constipation of up to four. If you see constipation repeatedly, you must talk to the doctor.

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I always eat fibrous food and drink much water!

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