Accepting the #seven77 challenge & Shining a Light on #EssentialTremor

in health •  5 days ago

Today I stopped just thinking about it, and finally joined the @actifit crowd! I downloaded the app rather late in the day, but thanks to the extremely helpful answers to my billion-and-one questions on Discord from @mariannewest (who is hopefully getting credit for referring me) and @nickyhavey, I think it's all up and running.

For those of you unfamiliar with this steem blockchain fitness app, here's the official description from their Google Play page -

Actifit aims to incentivize fitness activity via providing the means to automatically track your daily activity count, maintain your activity history on a daily basis, submit this activity to the steem blockchain, and receive rewards via Steem upvotes and Actifit tokens. You will need to already have an account on to be eligible for rewards.

And to celebrate, I also accepted the #seven77 challenge that @priyanarc and @jenina619 nominated me for over on Twitter & Instagram.

Also, since March is Essential Tremor Awareness Month, I thought I'd use this challenge as a way to help shine a light on my condition. I'll expound upon it more in a future post, but for now I'll let my video do the talking.

So without further delay (and before I chicken out and delete this whole thing... 😂)

I'll be posting my first official Actifit activity card (which posts exclusively on the Steem blockchain) later tonight. Here's to becoming a healthier mover & shaker! 😊

Thanks for stopping by!

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Traci! You are an inspiration! I have been thinking that I couldn't do Actifit because of my MS and the fact that I can't walk, but you have caused me to rethink this. Thank you, my brave friend!


Oh, Melinda! I had no idea that you have MS, and can't walk - my heart goes out to you. Thank you so much in return for your comment, and I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend. 😊 💜


Thanks for your kind thoughts.... Steem is a blessing for me!


Oh Melinda I had no idea either; I'm so sorry you have all that. Thinking of you <3


Thanks for that! I had a wonderful life partner who knew I didn't want or need anyone feeling sorry for me and he saw to it that I got to continue traveling and doing all the things that I loved. I can't begin to tell you how many times he loaded and unloaded my mobility scooter from the car! He died of cancer 2 years ago but we made certain the house was all set so that I would be able to manage here alone, and with the help of the kids when I need it , I'm doing fine.He would be happy to know that I found all of you and that I still get to travel the world and have more friends than ever before!


Awwww that's wonderful to hear!

I found all of you and that I still get to travel the world and have more friends than ever before!

I feel the exact same way! It really is wonderful here for that :)

Welcome to the amazing actifit world, you will love it!


@zen-art!!! Thanks so much, lovely lady - I already do! 😊

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Nice going @traciyork! Congratulations on taking a HUGE step in the direction of improved health and lots of @Actifit fun!

Followed & Up-voted!

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Thank you so much, @wil.metcalfe! Much appreciate the support! 😊

great job bringing awareness to your condition...
You are doing a good job with the video part too.

Thank you so much for doing this!! Today, after I had found out what you have, I was working very hard in the garden and my hand was shaking afterward for maybe 20 minutes. It freaked me out!! And I really have to listen to the podcast your shared. I think it was me holding the electric weed whacker and not being used to that...

So proud of you for sharing what you are going through and for still being active!

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Welcome but a warning its addictive 😉💪

Howdy traciyork! well this was a great post and video, I have never heard of Essential Tremor before. What causes that and they have drugs that significantly lesson them? good for you, I thought was inspiring!

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Now , you are inspiring me to join again on Actifit. I am off to it lately ...but now you will see me regular

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Welcome to team @actifit! Happy to have helped and thanks for the shoutout too! Go geddit with the push ups challenge 😀

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Good for you; been thinking of joining up myself...

You are so courageous. To come out of what usually more comfortable to video this to spread awareness at the same time for actifit fitness purpose. I am soooo proud of you. Really...... Veryyyyyy proud of you. 💕💖❤️💐💐😍

I agree with the first comment you are indeed an inspiration and Kudos to you for having the courage to do this video and explaining it so clearly to use that did not understand it very well, I also had not heard of ther Seven777 challenge, and your video has motivated me to get back into my morning press ups and sit ups that I used to do every day till I was in my 40's but I slacked off now to get back into gear and start them again, starting with 77 of each for 77 days and seeing where I go from there
So thanks again for having the courage to do this video and motivating me to help myself

Welcome to the @actifit club! Well done, Traci! :)

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You got my vote. Bravo on being a true mover and shaker. Your courage and conviction is nothing short of amazing.
Proverbs 17:22
A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.


Steven, your message made me smile and warmed my heart. Thanks so much for your support, dear friend. 😊🤗


I've been down, I've had doctors tell me I wasn't going to be able to walk, I've had doctors tell me I had cancer, I've sat homeless as people drove by pointing fingers laughing. I had my revenge by laughing my way through it and believing in love. Expect a miracle and that's what you'll recieve. Love is the key to it all and it shines so brightly in you.

Traci, you are amazing! #justsaying

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Fiona, you are the bees knees! 🐝 ❤️


I'm so proud of you! You go girl!

  1. YAY! I get to see you! You beautiful being you!

  2. Go Traci GO !

  3. You are amazing for doing this. Big hugs to you and how courageous you are. Thank you for bringing up the awareness.

If you don't mind me asking, how does it feel after exercising, doing the push ups, regarding your tremors? Hoping it does give some relief.

Congrats @traciyork! You're on your way, this is so fun! :) Good luck on your actifit journey!

Awww!! That was awesome, Traci-girl!! I am so proud of you!! You are such an inspiration and many could learn a lot from you and your shiny-bright personality!

Thank you for being my friend and always hunting me down when I get lost in the masses! I'll be watching you and your actifit journey!

Steem on, my friend!

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Hmmm.... Actifit is sounding more interesting. I like the idea of a simple way to create a daily post. Also, thanks for the video. I like being able to put a voice to a screen name. :-)

I love your courage @traciyork ♥ I'm going to check out that app...looks like a fun way to stay on a fit course. Thank you for being an inspiration ♥

Great video and you are a brave woman Lady Traci.
All of the best to you!

Nothing wrong with trying to be healthy. And if you can get paid for it, why not? Good luck. I hope all goes well!

Whoot! Have fun! I had it for a while and it was definitely motivating, but my cheapo phone has become far too glitchy lately, so I stopped using it for the time being.

Kudos to you for having the kahunas to simply do a video lol I didn't know the tremors were that bad; I'm sorry you're dealing with it all. Is it anything like Parkinson's? I have a bunch of questions but will keep my eye out for your other blogs :)

Nice to finally see you though <3

Congratulations on your new journey. You've joined a group of fine, healthy, Steemians. 👍👍

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Ah @traciyork you seem to take those tremors in stride, so accepting of them. Good to see it's not slowing you down - you're ahead of me on the push ups for I belong Nathan's 777Family but I hate push ups and I thought it would be pretty boring for folks to watch me do it. I'll have to come up with something clever to add to it like you did.

I admire you even more now. You got in front of a camera LOL. Very well done. 💜

I know its hard when you have a condition, disease, affliction and so forth, that unless they experience it they don't seem to understand. It takes courage to talk about it and bring it to light. Then they don't understand you don't want sympathy, you just want them to understand what is going on and let you be you. I'm ready to learn more. Is this akin to what Katherine Hepburn had?

I haven't tried the actifit yet......I don't want everyone to see how lazy I am LOL

That was a wonderful video @traciyork! Your idea to bring awareness to essential tremor is working, because I had no idea about this condition. I'm sorry that you are affected by it, but very proud of the way you are handling it. You GO girl! You are a real positive influence in the @powerhousecreatives and twitter communities!


Great job, Traci. I sense an Exercise Guru in the making. :-)