Healing the Inner Child and becoming your greatest version

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Society has us beLIEving that we create and manifest from the outside in, how looking good takes precedence oer everything else.

This issue is we attract into our lives based what is going on in our subconscious mind, for example if you had a parent that betrayed you when you were younger you may attract someone into your life who might betray you. These cycles repeat until we deal and heal these wounds.

This work was a tool that helped me so much in my own life, much calmer, less triggered, and attracting more of what I want in life, its now a pleasure to help others do the same in my own session. Please don't ignore your inner child who has been patiently waiting for your attention for years.

Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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@tonysayers33 It is a good post no doubt but how parents can betray their own kids? if it happens in our society then it is dead weird thing. let me know and share with me more infor if you have on the topic. Thanks


Unfortunately too many to mention!

I’m 2 years sober, and have been attending ACA meetings for over 2 years. Doing the inner child work has hands down had the most positive impact on my life!