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Susan Adolfson
3 hrs ·
Friends , need energy , boost your immune system, less mental and physical fatigue, better digestion, anti ageing, build muscle endurance, aphrodisiac, complete food source nutrition dense .... join me and be part of the Tonix Zen family. High quality products , our family business to give you the greatest gift - your health and well being 💞💞 more products to come .

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Susan Adolfson

Also in photos ( label producing now )
Reishi Mushrooms : shen tonic-builds shen : wisdom, spiritual and intuition power, stabilized emotions, strong immunity, protects inner organ toxins .
Raw Cacao Beans : heart health, strong magnesium, anti aging, dopamine feel good against depression.
Bee Pollen : complete food source nutrient dense.
Hemp Seeds: complete food source nutrient dense.
Maca Powder : energy , aphrodisiac, builds muscle endurance.

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Caroline DeMuynck

I take some of these and they are great. My daughter took hemp seeds to help with her iron deficiency.

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Susana Aparicio

Awesome sharing this!