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The oga for World Health Organisation for Cross River State, Dr. Thompson Igbu, don yan say for this August, e go reach 24 months wey we never record any polio case for our obodo Nigeria.

Dr. Igbu Na im yan this matter for the News Agency of Nigeria as dem dey talk for one workshop wey dem call Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response for Calabar in July.

Polio Kids Victims [Image Source]

He talk say by August, e go reach two years wey Nigeria no get record of polio virus wey start for the country, if nobody get am again before that time. Nigeria dey try well well for the fight wey dem dey fight against poliomyelitis for the country.

This oga come talk say the way wey people dey take report case of polio strong well well for Nigeria and the polio case wey dey record last for the country happen for August 2016.

As him come talk, WHO don train people for many community wey dey quickly report any condition wey dey like polio or any disease wey dey Federal Government watch list. Dem dey report am give the people wey go fit handle am.

We have trained several community members called community informants, whom once they see anything that looks like polio, they quickly report to the nearest health centre.

The health centre dey report give d local government, and the local government dey report give d state. The state come dey report give national level.

He say "I dey sure say we don do well as we dey try to comot polio." He come torchlight the need to improve access to information for people wey dey for different health facilities. This one go help the federal government and WHO to sabi how any disease dey take spread for a community, and to stop the spread before yawa go gas.

Dr Igbu talk say dem do this kind torchlight programme for the Internally Displaced Persons’ camps for the state.

We get one programme wey we call The Enhancement of Our Immunity and Surveillance System wey we dey do among the refugees wey come from Cameroon. This project dey important because we wan dey sure say our brothers wey dey come from Cameroon no get the polio virus.

Now, we don sabi which house or which community wey dem dey live, make we fit dey continue to give dem medicine make dem take prevent and cure am".

The WHO state oga advise Nigerians say make dem dey always clean dem environment and report anything wey dem suspect say na disease, especially disease like Polio, Ebola, Lassa fever and monkey pox.

Information Na d koko to the action wey you take, if you take action without information, you fit take wrong action.

The Chairman for the event, Prof. Andrew Asindi, say make medical workers dey do regular update of dem knowledge make dem fit sabi the current trend and method for report medical conditions.

According to Asindi, "Nigeria was the third country that still had polio following Afghanistan and Pakistan, so everyone is needed to work to make sure that it is totally eliminated from the country."

Reference: Punch Newspaper


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