Health App Review: LIFESUM

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It boggles my mind that today we have apps for literally everything! EVERYTHING YA HEAR!

You know what really gets my goat, the fact that most of the health apps ask you to get the subscription, as in the free version of it is always pretty useless. Until and unless you go pro you cannot really benefit from these apps, or so I thought. In comes 'Lifesum', and it has completely changed my life. That too without going premium on the app.


It has changed the way I look at going on a diet. I generally cringe at the name of the word diet, all I picture is boiled chicken and vegetables but now I am on a great diet and I've never felt better. So what is so good about this app? Let's go through it step by step.

First things first, it will ask you for your current weight, your goal weight and then a number of questions to decide on a "lifescore" for you. Lifescore basically means how healthy you are when it comes to your eating habits, workout habits or drinking water.

Once you input your goal weight and the app has all this data on you it creates a personalized limitation on your caloric intake, which may sound horrifying but is really not. Infact, you will see that you can eat a wide variety of stuff, you can even drink as long as you do it in moderation and keep it in your caloric limit.

Next, it tells you when and how man glasses of water you should drink. If you add a certain workout to it, it will automatically calculate how many calories you burnt depending on the type and duration of workout. It will then automatically also adjust your water intake and your caloric intake limit.

One amazing thing is you can add each one of your meal to this app and it will add the calories you consumed and will show you how many calories are left for you to consume. In the meal search option you can pretty much find every friggin meal that exists out there by portions. If you cannot find a meal, try googling it's brand name and you will then definitely find it.

Gist is that whatever you eat or drink or burn, you let the app know and it'll let you know in turn what to do next. One extra benefit is that you can sync this app to the 'Google Fit' app. I have been trying to take 10000 steps everyday using Google Fit as it automatically tracks your steps. So now when you sync lifesum to this app then lifesum automatically adds this into your exercise portion and also denotes how many calories you burnt with that.

You get all of these amazing benefits already with the free version, I cannot even imagine what all is present out there if I do go premium. I let this app run my life for a week and honestly I have never felt better. I feel healthier, I feel happier and it nudges me in a good direction. I now drink way more water than before. I always take stairs instead of steps because I want those 10000 steps and hence burn some calories. I eat super healthy food but I also have the independence to indulge myself if I balance it out.

I love this product! You need to get this app. It defies the laws of all those crazy diets out there and gives you long lasting and amazing results. It is a lifestyle.

Written by @things, 2018. All rights reserved.


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