Poll:66 How Long can you Hold Your Breath?

in health •  5 months ago


In general we should all be able to hold our breaths for at least 20 seconds or so but there is a consensus that the better we breath the longer we can hold our breath and thus slowing down our internal systems and help us better control our bodies whats your opinion?

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Poll:66 How Long can you Hold Your Breath?

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I can hold my breath for 55 seconds.

#Poll:66 How Long can you Hold Your Breath?

it started feeling uncomfortable at 55 seconds, not in the best shape ive ever been so i think i'll best refrain from spacewalks for now :p

It really depends how strong the other person, but think I can do close to a minute when taking a big drag. Puff puff pass.

about 1 minute for me...